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Read the original pilot script for The 100 here: You won’t believe the differences!

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Want to see the original pilot script for The 100? I found it on Reddit here (along with a great discussion) and had to share it with you IMMEDIATELY. This script is gold. You can read the script here, but Reddit also provided a permanent download here.

Kelsey, once known as @valaripradiks on Twitter (but now her account is gone), found the script with her amazing Google sleuthing skills. On Reddit, she explains that the script is from January 2013 and she found it because she loves looking for scripts and seeing how shows change from the beginning ideas to what ends up on TV.

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Jason Rothenberg has confirmed the script is authentic.

@CatsandMarvel's drawing of Abby from The 100
Drawing provided to us by @CatsandMarvel, from Twitter!

There are some pretty HUGE differences between what we actually got and what was in the original script.


In the original script, Raven was 35 (!!!). She also just happened to be Finn’s MOTHER.

Some quotes:

It’s Raven, Finn’s mother as it turns out… Despite Raven’s strong facade, the wounded mother in Abby senses a kindred spirit.


I may not be important, but my son means as much to me as your daughter does to you. Please… tell me where my child is.

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Clarke’s Romantic Past

Clarke had a romantic past with… WELLS JAHA. Yep, you read that right. He declares his love for her at one point in the script too: still carrying a flame for her.

Wells’ description:

WELLS JAHA (17, handsome and well-bred compared to the young criminals all around them)

And this:

WELLS (CONT’D) (to Clarke
Please. I love you. I can’t die knowing that you hate me.

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So how was FINN portrayed? Any hint he was going to end up like this:

Finn: I Found You Clarke - The 100

In the script he’s 17 and described as “ruggedly handsome” and “a bit of a folk hero.” And he starts flirting with Clarke right away, while they’re still on the Ark. He’s a huge romantic flirt all the time, even on Earth, and Octavia’s totally into him too. (So I guess it’s Octavia vs. Clarke vs. Finn rather than Raven vs. Clarke vs. Finn.)

Per the script:

Guy can’t even take a bad mug shot. In it, he is without fear.


You probably don’t want to know this one…

He doesn’t make it very long…

A SPEAR EXPLODES INTO JASPER’S CHEST, killing him instantly, pinning him to the tree at his back, leaving him upright.

So… yeah.

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There’s more interesting stuff, like how the Ark is portrayed. But you should really read the script for yourself. Let me know what you think about it in the comments. 🙂

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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