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The Expanse Season 6, Episode 4: Recap and Review

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Season 6, Episode 4 of Amazon Prime’s The Expanse, entitled “Redoubt,” is all about taking matters into your own hands.  

Spoilers below!


As usual, the episode begins on Laconia, where we learn Cara’s brother was involved in a car accident and that the colony was not intended to be settlers. Then, in a rather odd way of distracting Cara from her brother’s death, Admiral Duarte, a Mars nationalist, attempts to equate exile with losing a sibling. In truth, it felt a little heavy-handed to me, specifically his comments about how “having something you love that you can’t protect is terrifying,” but their conversation has relevance to the rest of the episode. 

We also see Cara carting her brother off to, presumably, those odd-faced dog creatures to bring him back from the dead. Hasn’t she seen Pet Semetary? 


Avasarala is still dealing with the situation on Ceres, complicated even more now by Belters unwilling to accept aid. Mars wants to abandon the Belters and make a hard run at Marco, but Avasarala refuses to agree. Unfortunately for their alliance, Mars is cool to go it alone. 

Thankfully, Monica survived the explosions on Ceres and used the experience to create a hard-hitting piece featuring the old man and his cat, “Lucky Earther.” Avasarala claims it will make Earth look weak, to which Monica replies it makes everyone look weak and humanizes them. Avasarala is doubtful the Belters will ever sympathize with the Inners, but Monica states it’s not aimed at them. Is she implying it’s for Mars? Or as a trick to lull Marco into thinking he has the upper hand? 


The Rocinante 

After the excitement of the last episode, the Roci takes a bit of a break on the action in exchange for drama. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what Holden should have done about the missile, though Bobbie is the only one who doesn’t know Holden disarmed it. Holden and Naomi have an argument that makes it clear it’s not just about the missile but their shared (albeit different) traumas. 

While Bobbie is always a badass, I’ve never identified with her more than when she swears in utter frustration after dropping a tool while fixing her armor. Don’t give her IKEA furniture. 


Camina Drummer

While I knew Camina’s attempts to relieve Marco of his cache was going to be cool, I didn’t expect it to involve a gun battle, an arm amputation (it’s a good thing they kept Michio around), and that speech calling Marco a coward and a thief. We only get the first part initially, but I loved that they saved the last line for when we could see Marco’s reaction.

“Lived shamed, and die empty” is how I’m going to end all my emails from now on.

The Free Navy 

Even before Camina dropped that nuclear-level burn on him, Marco’s authority in the Free Navy was slipping. Guoliang disapproves of his draconian methods with his officers and tells him off again. We finally learn her deal: she wants to be the leader of Medina Station and isn’t above manipulating Marco to get it. 

Filip has been banished to the maintenance crew. Still, he learns a valuable lesson about loyalty and family (and it was also funny to see Tadeo play a classic prank on Filip). He also learns that someone (I’m guessing he assumes his mom) deactivated the missile, which confuses him. And unfortunately, while it’s clear Filip is starting to see the error of his father’s ways, Camina’s speech empassions him back to his father’s ideals. Or does it? Filip is being pulled in so many directions I wouldn’t be surprised if he snaps. 

It’s clear why the episode is called “Redoubt,” which is the term for a fall-back position in warfare, as that’s likely what Marco will do in the final two episodes. The question is whether he does this on Medina Station or if he has another place in mind. 

“Lived shamed, and die empty,” everyone! 

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