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Hours Before The 100 Premieres, Fans Wonder: ‘Where Is Bellamy?’

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Hours before the Season 7 premiere of The 100, fans have taken to Twitter and other social media accounts to ask: “Where is Bellamy?” Although some short clips of him have been seen in the trailers, he’s been mostly absent as compared to other characters on the show.

Fans expected to see Bellamy as the central focus of Jason Rothenberg’s “Show Day” tweet, but instead the tweet featured most of the cast.

Bellamy, played by Bob Morley, was also missing from the countdown to show day. Here are a few tweets from the countdown.

But Morley will definitely be in the season. You can tell from the new season opening, where his name is still prominently displayed.

Yet fans are still concerned by his absence from the countdown or the show day tweet, which they expected would feature him. One fan created their own show day tweet.

On Reddit, one commenter jokingly wrote: “Maybe the real Bellamy is the friends we made along the way.”

Another viewer came up with this crazy theory: “Guys, I think it’s obvious. The reason we don’t see Bellamy’s face is because he’s actually going to become a mind drive and is going to be put inside Clarke. That’s why his look would’ve been spoiler!”

Another viewer wrote: “Jasons a f***ng baller lol I respect the fact that despite the backlash he has stuck to the plan of hiding everything Bellamy related.”

However, not everyone’s OK with it. Here are some more concerned tweets:


Some people have even changed their Twitter name to simply read: “Where is Bellamy?”

More than likely, there is method to Rothenberg’s madness. The absolute lack of Bellamy must be part of the promotion. Rothenberg’s done a great job with The 100 so far, so there’s no reason to believe he won’t stick the landing for the final season too. We won’t have to wait much longer to find out. The 100 premieres tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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