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The 100 Season 5 Episode 10 Recap & Review: Octavia Doesn’t Deserve Monty

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Decided to live blog the latest episode of The 100, since I’m so concerned about this fight pit thing. (See my previous article for reference.) Won’t you join me?

First off, we got started a little late because it took me forever to get logged in (long story.) I whined about it like Clarke when Bellamy wanted to use Madi to start the war. (Only I didn’t get all murdery over it.)

So here we go…

First, we see Clarke driving away with Madi after murdering a poor Grounder (sorry WONKRU) who was loyal to Madi. What happened to you Clarke?

Madi is not happy. I don’t blame her. They’re already 50 miles from Polis and Madi is not happy with mama bear. I’m actually proud of Madi right now. “You’re willing to let Bellamy die and Indra and Gaia. Why not me?”

You're willing to let Bellamy die and Indra and Gaia. Why not me? - Madi Share on X

That’s right.

Clarke says Madi is acting like a child, but Madi isn’t the one who murdered that Grounder.

Oh, and Clarke just dropped a bunch of baby worms into the mud, accomplishing EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS FIGHTING AGAINST. Wat?

Now Abby is having a pretty intense moment with Diyoza’s Baby Daddy. I tuned out to tweet about Clarke. 🙁

Oh, and we’re having major connection issues while I live blog, so there’s that special moment. Maybe the worms are eating our TV?

Octavia and Miller Gone Evil are talking with a girl whose name I can’t remember. (Who IS this woman?) The woman is advising Octavia to stand down. Woman Without a Name Who Is She advises to start the fighting pits up again. “You want me to kill the people who conspired to bring you back your precious commander?” (I’m sorry folks, I really can’t remember who this woman is…)

Octavia confronts Indra. Did I mention that Indra is amazing? Indra and Octavia’s mom-daughter relationship is falling apart, just like Abby & Raven’s did. OK, not just like it, but…

Indra: WHY ARE YOU HERE? They’re refusing to march aren’t they? You wouldn’t surrender and you won’t give up the throne to the rightful commander. So now you’ll use fear…

Octavia is convinced Fear will work again if she sticks Indra, Gaia, and Bellamy into the arena and then everyone will march for her. She doesn’t want to to do it. But apparently the Arena is the only way to make Wonkru go to war for her. But Indra promises to kill Bellamy and then die by Gaia’s hand.

Looks like we’re getting a fighting pit episode. 🙁

Mr. Murdering Vincent and Abby have a scene together. Abby is freaking out about her withdrawals because her blood pressure is going up really high, but she won’t treat McCreary to get the meds she needs. She’ll torture Raven, but she does have limits y’all.

Octavia seeks advice from Monty. (And seriously, Monty should be the leader. He’s the leader we need but not the one we deserve.) Monty is going to be a farmer and with his algae, he’ll end up more powerful than anyone else, mark my words.

Monty will end up more powerful than everyone with his algae, mark my words. #The100 Share on X

So Octavia picks and kills Monty’s first flower after he tells her that she can avoid war, because everyone just sh**s on Monty’s plans for peace all the time. 🙁 I want Monty to go all Mad Max on these people with his freshly grown flowers as his armor. Or something like that.

Madi has a vision of someone being burned alive — a memory of a previous Commander’s terrible end. Madi knows her heritage and she’s ready to embrace it. Madi and Monty are the true heroes in this story now.

Octavia tells Bellamy that he will be happy to know the worms are gone because Clarke took them. (But he won’t be happy to know she just dumped them in the mud.) So why does Octavia still want to go to war? “I came here to save your life,” she tells her brother. “Now I’m not so sure I should.”

Her version of “saving Bellamy’s life” is telling Bellamy about Indra’s weakness. I think we know Bellamy better than that.

“I love Indra,” Octavia says. “But she’s not my blood. You are.” So of course, he goes in the fight pit too. With sisters like that, who needs enemies?

She's not my blood. You are. So I'm putting you in a fight pit too. - Octavia, basically. #The100 Share on X

Octavia says something heartfelt about how her brother can’t save her because she’s already dead. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here thinking about those worms Clarke dumped in the mud.

Meanwhile, Clarke finally decided to give Madi the freedom of choice to keep the chip in her head. But Clarke warns Madi not to try to take on Octavia. I guess that seems fair. They’re off to find Diyoza.

Clarke then mentions to Madi that all Commanders die terribly and she’s not going to let that happen to Madi. I *finally* get why Clarke freaked out like she did last week. It doesn’t excuse what she did, but I think she still has some PTSD from seeing Lexa die.

Clarke's crazy last week might be PTSD from seeing Lexa die. Is that possible? #The100 Share on X

And meanwhile, Abby gets kind of murdery like her daughter, but without the good excuse. She lets Vincent kill the guards so she can get her pills. I feel like the writers are really setting up Kane-Diyoza by making Abby tougher and tougher to sympathize with.

Abby's tougher to sympathize with, paving the way for Kane-Diyoza. #The100 Share on X

But we all know how J. Rothenberg treats ships, so don’t expect that to last if it does happen. One of them will die, mark my words.

After the commercial, we’re getting closer to my dreaded pit fight. Derek is sitting here cheering “pit fight! pit fight!” He likes these types of scenes. I find them … yawn…

Derek thinks Bellamy will win and kill Indra and Gaia. I bet Bellamy wins but refuses to kill anyone. Remember, Bellamy beat Octavia in a fight this season.

Didn't Bellamy beat Octavia in a fight earlier this season? #The100 Share on X

And the fight is on! I LOVE that Gaia tried to kill Octavia. YES. That took some guts. Unexpected.

Then Monty joins in to tell everyone that there is another way. His algae will rule them all! Monty is basically my hero.

Monty is my hero. #The100 Share on X

Monty got the mini Final Conclave stopped with his message of hope. I told you Monty is going to rule everyone someday.

But Octavia turns uber evil and sets his algae farm on fire. OH MY GOSH OCTAVIA WHAT THE HELL.

Is Octavia even redeemable at this point? #The100 Share on X

Clarke and Madi stumble on McCreary shooting defectors aka Madi’s people (kinda like Clarke did at the end of last week’s episode.)

Clarke finds her mom passed out on drugs…  (And this officially becomes ABC Family.)

We’re back at Polis with I Hate Octavia and Yes Man Miller. Monty decides to travel with Bellamy and see his family (definitely not Octavia.)

Octavia leads everyone to war, without the worm babies by her side. It was completely unnecessary, but she’s just bloodthirsty now. (Weren’t some Grounders like that in earlier seasons?)

Annnnd the episode is over.

Looks like next week we’ll learn about The Dark Year. But will that be enough to redeem Octavia?

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