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Survive the Alien Apocalypse in Somerville, Launching November 15


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The highly anticipated post-apocalyptic survival game Somerville has been announced for a November 15 release for PC and as a day-one release on Xbox’s Gamepass. This is certainly good news for those who have been awaiting this game since its announcement in 2021.

Somerville is a third-person platformer that lets you navigate the treachery of a post-apocalyptic wasteland as an entire family: father, mother, son, and pet dog. The game is similar to Limbo and Inside, both previous hits from Somerville’s co-creator, Dino Patti. Patti, along with UK film animator Chris Olsen, formed the indie studio Jumpship after leaving Playdead in 2017.

The game was shown off at E3 2021 during Microsoft’s presentation panel and was praised by gaming journalists in attendance. PCGamer’s Natalie Clayton called it “stylish as fuck,” adding that it “oozes with Inside’s limited palette flair […] through a moody, yet often shockingly colourful world.”

Game Informer added that “The trailer showed off many levels from the game, including beaches, mines, and underwater sections. Similar to Inside, the game is a side-scrolling adventure game, with added elements of futurism thrown on top. The trailer offers brief glimpses at a teleporting gunman, levitating monoliths, and the chaotic destruction said monoliths bring when they fall from the sky. ” 

Dino Patti did later clarify that he didn’t like the terms “puzzle platformer” being attached to Somerville as it’s much more than what his previous platformers had to offer. Inside is a gorgeous game in itself, but Patti hints that Somerville will be more than just a sidescroller.

Somerville releases on November 15, 2022 on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store, and for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S through Gamepass.

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