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Snowpiercer Train Map: Here’s a Look at the Route on the TV Series

Snowpiercer Train Map

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If you’re as obsessed with TNT’s Snowpiercer as we are, then you’ve no doubt been wanting a Snowpiercer train map since the show premiered. We’re given a tantalizingly brief look at the map during the intro, but you’ve got to really watch the episodes closely to see the full map. In Season 1 Episode 7, we got to see the train’s full route, and it’s beautiful. Here’s a look at photos and screenshots from those scenes, as we prepare for SEason 2.

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This will have very minor spoilers for Season 1 Episode 7, as it has a few screenshots, but they are all focused on a map that we see in the episode. 

First, here is the map we see in the intro.


There’s been some debate on the Snowpiercer subreddit about what those W marks are. Are they stops along the way from when it was a luxury liner, before it was turned into a perpetual motion humanity-saved-from-the-apocalypse machine?

Here are some screenshots of the full map, as seen in the most recent episode. First we’ll show the more distant, full maps that are slightly fuzzier, from the train’s Hospitality Room.


But the best maps are the ones we see up close, right behind Melanie in the Hospitality Room. In one scene we see one half of the map, and in the other scene we see another half of the map.


This shot is incredibly clear. You can see exactly where the route runs in North and South America, where it enters from the Pacific Ocean side and where it leaves.

Now here’s where it picks up.


Here you can see where the map runs on the other side of the world.

And here’s another look:


You can see the map pretty clearly here, giving us a good idea of just how the train’s route works (and when it passes over water too.)

On Reddit, there’s an interesting discussion about just why the train is on a worldwide track.

The first reason is because the track already existed as the luxury train’s route. The second reason is that by being on a worldwide track, they’ll know if any part of the Earth ever warms up.

Some viewers noted that in the very first episode, we could see promotional material from Melanie’s room indicating that it was originally some type of luxury train cruise. As one person explained:

You might also be interested in knowing that Russian Railways proposed a project kind of similar to Snowpiercer: a train that would connect Europe, Asia and the United States. It didn’t form a loop though, so it would come up short of Snowpiercer in quite a few ways.

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