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Silo’s Haunting Theme Song Strikes a Nostalgic Chord with Westworld Fans

Silo vs. Westworld: comparing the theme songs. (Apple/HBO)

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The new Apple TV+ series, Silo, has just premiered. And one of the first things dystopian sci-fans commented on is how the Silo theme song reminds them of Westworld’s opening. While the two intro songs certainly aren’t identical, Silo’s tune could be Westworld’s spiritual successor. The introduction to the new Apple series is absolutely beautiful, but also reminiscent in a few ways of HBO’s hit show. But in case you were wondering, the composers are not the same. 

Watch the Silo Theme Song Video vs the Westworld Theme Song

Silo theme song
Silo theme song (Apple TV+)

To help you better understand just how similar the songs appear at times (while also maintaining unique identities), let’s watch the Silo theme song again. Here it is in the link below. 

And next, here’s the Westworld theme song. I’m including the video from season 1, but the theme song was the same each season (only the intro video itself changed.) 

The similarities really struck me because I had spent some time learning to play the Westworld theme song on the piano. 

One of the first moments when I felt a strong nostalgia for Westworld was at the 17-18 second mark of the Silo theme song. Those set of chords, repeated several times at the beginning of the opening, give strong Westworld vibes. They are reminiscent of the keys repeated at the beginning of Westworld, though not identical. 

Then at 45 seconds into the Silo theme song, the slow music begins to pick up, in a similar way to how Westworld’s theme song begins very slowly and deliberately, and then starts to pick up at about 51 seconds in. (Obviously Westworld’s picks up more significantly than Silo’s, but Silo’s reminds me a bit more of Westworld around 1:18 into the video.) 

Obviously, Silo is not a ripoff of Westworld in any way, shape or form. The two songs are both stunning and very different. However, I like to think of Silo’s theme song as a spiritual successor of sorts to Westworld. Maybe that means Silo’s first season will be just as amazing as Westworld’s. 

Who Were the Composers?

The vibes were similar enough that I wondered about the composers. No, they aren’t the same. 

Atli Örvarsson is the supremely talented composer for Silo’s theme song. Screenrant revealed that he is the composer for Silo’s Main Title, among many other pieces. Örvarsson has a history of scoring beautiful music, including for more than 200 episodes of Chicago Fire. Örvarsson is originally from Iceland.

Ramin Djawadi is the genius composer for Westworld’s theme song.

Both composers are quite talented and have amazing works to their names. 

Many People Noticed the Similarities

Quite a few people talked about the similarities between the two songs. There’s a mini-discussion about it on Reddit in fact. 

by u/MEGAT0N from discussion S01E01 "Freedom Day" Episode Discussion (No Book Spoilers)
in SiloSeries

You’ll find some comments about the songs’ similarities on Twitter too. 

Other viewers have compared the first episode to Lost, Snowpiercer, and even The 100 in feel. These are all great comparisons, since I loved all of these shows. 

I’m truly excited about Silo and can’t wait to see what is next. Our author Tina S. Beier will be reviewing the Silo episodes, so keep an eye out for her latest stories about the show. And be sure and check out her interview with Hugh Howey, the author of Wool (upon which Silo is based!) 

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