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See Season 3 Episode 5 Review: ‘House of Enlightenment’

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We’re more than halfway through See Season 3, with only three episodes left after “House of Enlightenment.” The latest episode was probably one of the better ones of the season so far. I’m enjoying how the characters’ motivations are clearly spelled out, and the show has maintained a true apocalyptic feel. Still, some storylines bug me, perhaps because I feel like this series has so much potential to be even better than it is. 

Baba Voss Remains a Highlight of the Show

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Baba Voss remains a highlight of the show. Jason Momoa truly sells his character, who is mostly motivated by the desire to create a better world for his seeing children. Fleeing his family and the world Maghra was ruling was an understandable reaction to everything that happened. And his return, after realizing the Trivantians now have explosives, was also believable. 

Baba Voss remains one of the characters whose motivations feel truly authentic and real, thanks to a combination of good writing for his character and good acting. Really, my only complaint is when he overlooked Kofun’s terrible decision about hiding Sibeth, and acted like he had nothing to feel bad about. That irks me, but I can overlook it based on all of his other great scenes. 

Next to Baba Voss, Tom Mison’s Lord Harlan is probably my favorite character. He’s charismatic and political, giving off some great Littlefinger vibes. It’s a shame that he had to kill the Trivantian ambassador. The two of them could have used the whole “chaos is a ladder” way of thinking to guarantee coming out on top, no matter which side won. 

Sibeth’s Plot Armor Needs to Go

Sibeth’s plot armor is a real point of contention for me. Sylvia Hoeks is obviously doing a stunning job in her role, as I really can’t stand the former queen. But sometimes I feel like the plot is really stretched in an attempt to keep her character alive. 

At this point, there really shouldn’t be anyone left who advocates for Sibeth to live. Her actions in Season 1 alone, when she murdered so many of the people she was supposed to be protecting, should be enough to seal her fate. And yet, we keep finding people making excuses for her and advocating for her. 

Maghra put the entire kingdom at risk by refusing to turn over Sibeth until the very last minute. I understand that they tried to paint her motivations as wanting to “not be like her sister,” but that really wasn’t enough. Sibeth’s life isn’t worth all the people who would be killed in a violent war. 

Now, the faction of Witchfinders who still believe sighted people are demons is a plot that I can believe. They’ve lived under nothing but anti-sighted propaganda their whole lives, and they don’t have access to education and resources where they can learn better. I’m actually surprised their numbers aren’t greater. So I can kind of believe that they would follow Sibeth, despite their misgivings, just so they can continue to push their religious beliefs. 

But Sibeth randomly surviving a snake attack? Nah. 

The Battle Was a Fun Watch, Despite a Few Flaws

This week’s episode focused a lot of time on a battle at the House of Enlightenment. The Trivantian military ended up coming out on top, able to reclaim their bombs. But Baba Voss’s group was able to hold their own, even with the odds stacked against them. 

I enjoyed certain aspects of the battle, like when they used loud music to make it more difficult for the blind fighters to use their sense of hearing to their advantage. At the same time, I feel like the sighted fighters didn’t utilize their advantage enough. They should have been posted on the rooftops with guns. Haniwa should’ve attacked the men while the music was playing, not after they shut off the stereo. 

Still, though, the battle was done well. It’s just little issues like these that prevent the show from going from “good” to “great.” 

Kofun was less irritating this episode and played a strong role in the battle, which was nice to see. Still, it will never be enough to redeem him after hiding Sibeth. There’s just no excuse for that. 

I noticed some people in discussion forums really hating on Haniwa for how much she freaked out when Baba Voss set the books in the House of Enlightenment on fire. But this didn’t really bother me. Sure, she pulled the gun on Kofun — but this was her first time even holding a gun. She doesn’t truly understand how dangerous that was, she was just reacting in the moment.

I can see why Baba Voss burned the books (there wasn’t time to retrieve them and they didn’t want the military getting their hands on that knowledge again.) But I can also see why Haniwa was so devastated. Losing all of that knowledge is horrific. I’m just glad we got that little hint that more houses of enlightenment exist. 

So overall, I have a mixed review for the episode. I really enjoyed the fighting scenes, despite some weaker moments. But Sibeth’s scenes are grating. I think she should have been killed off the show some time ago and replaced by a different “villain” for this final season. 

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