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SEE Featurette Offers Behind the Scenes Look at Season 2

See Featurette

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This post contains trailerish spoilers for past and future episodes of SEE.

SEE originally premiered on Apple TV+ in November of 2019, and quickly became a “must watch” show for fans of the post-apocalyptic genre. The series takes place after a virus wipes out all but a few million humans, leaving those that did survive blind. 600 years later, Baba Voss fights to protect his family from threats as varied as Witchfinders, invading armies, and even his own brother.

We’re now four episodes into season two of the show, and it’s more popular than ever, ranking as the most-watched returning drama on Apple TV+.

The creators of SEE have released an official featurette that provides a look behind the scenes of season two, and how its broader, more expansive story lines are brought to life.

In addition to the production insights provided by the cast and crew, the six-minute video also offers several clues to where the show is headed in the latter half of the season, most of which point to a huge climactic battle.

At the end of episode four, Baba, daughter Haniwa, and the rest of the group are making their way from Trivantes to Pennsa, where they hope to be reunited with Maghra, wife of Baba, and Kofun, Haniwa’s brother.

I’m sure we all expected them to make it, and the featurette confirms it.

Edo Voss, brother of Baba, and Commander General of Trivantes has been trying to convince the Council to authorize an attack on the Payans. It appears as if those urgings have been heeded.

There has not been a lot of love for the sighted twins, Haniwa and Kofun, among the fandom, particularly in regard to their perceived weakness despite the advantage their sight affords them. Hopefully, those fans will be pleased to see the siblings actively entering the fray.

Ever since the first season two trailer, fans have been wondering where Baba Voss gets the Samurai armor we see him in. All we can tell from the video is that it looks to be an armory of some sort, but who’s?

As strange as it is to see a Samurai in the post-apocalypse, it certainly is a great look for Baba.

Why are these soldiers appearing to pledge their loyalty to Maghra? Is it simply because she’s ostensibly the wife of Lord Harlan? Or does she depose Queen Sibeth somehow? One can only hope…

And then it looks like we’ll finally get to see what the fandom has been waiting for all season. The final boss fight between the two brothers, Baba and Edo. Baba is wearing his kimono, but not his armor. Is this scene before or after battle between the Payans and the Trivantians?

Those are just a few things I was able to pick out from the video, and I might be badly misinterpreting them. But no matter what, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens. We’re only four episodes into an 8-episode season, so there is still a lot of story to tell.

What details did you see, and what do you think it means for the story? Leave a comment or stop by our Discord to let us know.

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