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Is Savage Starlight Naughty Dog’s New Game?

Savage Starlight

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Gamers are all hyped up about Naughty Dog’s potential next big thing, and it seems like the iconic Savage Starlight comic series might just be the star of their latest gaming adventure. Naughty Dog has a solid reputation for their storytelling in games like The Last of Us and Uncharted. Now, the idea of a whole new IP based on the Savage Starlight universe is seriously exciting. Let’s take a look at why it could be Naughty Dog’s new IP.

Could Savage Starlight Be Naughty Dog’s Newest Game?

RinoTheBouncer on X recently posted a Tweet that suggested a new sci-fi or fantasy IP would be Naughty Dog’s next title. 

Savage Starlight or Stray's Cross Rumours
RinoTheBouncer on X

Using the codename Stray’s Cross back in 2019, and according to GameRant, it seems Naughty Dog is heading back into the post-apocalyptic world, but this time with a cool steampunk vibe. The game’s apparently going to take us to all sorts of places, from Ancient Egypt to the far-off future. What’s interesting is that they’re planning to have both a male and female protagonist, and it’ll also work with the new PS VR. Looks like Naughty Dog is cooking up something pretty intriguing for us, and fans are definitely eager to see how it all pans out.

Savage Starlight
Savage Starlight – The Last of Us

More recently, a job opening was announced on X for both a programmer position and a Lead Environment Concept Artist, which leads us to think that the new game is starting to take shape. The job description reads “Naughty Dog is looking for an experienced Environment Concept Artist to join our team in creating the next generation of award-winning story telling! You’ll be responsible for creating the captivating environments and props working alongside the Background and Layout Design teams to bring these environments to life.”

Is Stray’s Cross really Savage Starlight in disguise? Picture this: taking a fictional comic book world and turning it into a full-blown game. That’s like a dream come true for fans. We’re talking about a fresh, narrative-driven experience that dives headfirst into Savage Starlight’s lore. Naughty Dog’s known for their storytelling chops, and this move shows they’re not slowing down when it comes to pushing the boundaries of video game storytelling.

@0AOXO on X also posted this update about Neil Druckmann, Director and ‘special writer’ for Naughty Dog’s new project. 

Naughty Dog Neil Druckmann

Not to mention the Savage Starlight poster in TLOU’s HBO show.

What is Savage Starlight?

Savage Starlight, a futuristic sci-fi adventure comic set in The Last of Us’ universe, is taking us to the year 2186, and it’s all about the adventures of Dr. Daniela Star up in space. Dr. Star stumbles upon a way to zip through the cosmos faster than the speed of light using this nifty thing called a jump drive. But, hold on to your hats, because trouble’s brewing in the form of some not-so-friendly aliens known as the Travelers. They’ve got humanity in their crosshairs, and things are about to get seriously interstellar! 

Savage Starlight comic art
Savage Starlight comic art

There are 14 comics to find as collectibles in The Last of Us, each with a title and plot of their own. 

What do you think? Could Savage Starlight be Naughty Dog’s New IP? Or are they working on an entirely new game, based on absolutely nothing? Let us know what you think.

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