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Ridley Scott’s Post-Apocalyptic ‘Raised by Wolves’ Coming to HBO Max

Raised by Wolves

If you need something to distract you from the pandemic, then it looks like HBO Max has the answer. Ridley Scott is bringing a post-apocalyptic series about androids to HBO Max and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s called Raised by Wolves, and the trailer is just creepy enough to have my interest.

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Here’s the trailer:

The trailer shows us that the Earth was destroyed in a great war.


But this creepy android was programmed to protect the children.


This is giving me I am Mother vibes from Netflix (mixed with a bit of Westworld), and that’s a good thing. Sure, the film wasn’t perfect, but I’d love to see the general idea expanded upon. It looks like this will do just that, at least to some extent.


From the trailer, it looks like someone comes to this planet they’re colonizing, and the android isn’t too happy about the new visitor.


But then we’ve got some weird things like running skeletons, so this isn’t going to be your average post-apocalyptic series.


I’m pretty excited about this series. Check out these screenshots:


This is Ridley Scott’s first foray into TV since 1969, Collider shared. Collider shares a few more details than we got from the trailer, including that the children are apparently being raised by two androids. And EW shares that learning how difficult it is to control humans’ beliefs could be a stumbling point for the robots. And then a stranger arrives, and throws another wrench into everything.

The series premieres on September 3 and it’s 10 episodes long.

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