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Possible Rick News Teased for The Walking Dead Comic-Con Panel

Rick Grimes

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We had all but given up that Rick would ever appear in The Walking Dead again. And while we still aren’t expecting any Rick films to surface, there are a number of tweets and posts on social media that are strongly hinting about some major Rick news coming soon, possibly during The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel. Of course, there are other ways to interpret what’s surfacing, but many fans think the hints are clear. 

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An Andrew Lincoln Fan Page Teased Big News on the Way

On Twitter, an Andrew Lincoln fan page teased big news is coming soon. They simply wrote: “Andy news coming soon! 👀 #AndrewLincoln.”

Shortly after, they shared a photo of Lincoln as Cameron Bloom in Penguin Bloom. It’s not clear, however, if that was the news they were teasing on Twitter or not. The timing of the tweet is interesting, considering that it was shared so soon before the Friday, July 22 Comic-Con panel.

One person replied, “Ok this is like the 4th hint of something I’ve seen/heard in the last 24 hours. Something big is coming. I feel it in my crickety bones. 😂.”

Another person wrote, “This might be about his upcoming netflix show BUT the slight chance of this being about RICK GRIMES keeps me living 😭😭.”

On Reddit, one person shared the tweet and wrote, “This cannot be a coincidence now.” 

Others chimed in with their theories. One person wondered if a Rick and Michonne spinoff series might be announced, writing: “Think they’re about to announce a Rick and Michonne series since everyone else is getting their own duo show?”

The OP, Fit-Diet-6488, said that rumors of a Rick-Michonne series have been circulating for awhile. 

A New Andrew Lincoln Photo Shows Lincoln Looking Just Like Rick

The Andrew Lincoln News Twitter account also shared a photo that Lincoln took with a fan in England on July 16. He looks decidedly like Rick in the photo, sporting the same kind of beard that Rick had when he was last on the series.

Because we know that Norman Reedus will be filming his spinoff in Europe, the photo is also feeding rumors that Lincoln might be a part of that series. 

Reedus already dropped a big hint that this might be the case. 

In an interview Iron & Air, Reedus talked about how Daryl would be going to Europe in his spinoff.

Reedus then said: “…They were like, ‘Hey, do you want to go on a mission while she’s [McBride’s] taking some time?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah. Let’s f***ing go on a mission.’ So I’ll be going to Europe doing a mission. Some of our characters are lost, and maybe I’ll run into one or two of them.” 

When the Lincoln photo was shared on Reddit, however, one fan said they weren’t getting their hopes up. 

Simplymatt1995 wrote, “If you want to convince yourself that, go ahead. Personally I’m going into SDCC expecting absolutely nothing beyond the 11C trailer and maybe a clip of Isle. If they surprise me with more, great, but I’m at the point where I just don’t want to keep having unrealistic expectations. It does nothing but just make me even angrier at Gimple and AMC for mismanaging this whole TWD MCU plan of theirs so badly.”

One Journalist Tweeted That Big News is On the Way

One of the hints came from this tweet from @julianexcalibur, which doesn’t hint about Rick but does hint about big news. Julian Cannon is an entertainment journalist.

Cannon simply wrote, “#TWDFamily y’all are going to be fed this week.” 

On Reddit, some fans think this has to be about Rick Grimes news.

One person wrote, “I’m not saying Rick Grimes news but……..what has the fandom been asking for the most?”

However, others think it’s just about the Season 11C trailer that AMC announced will be released, and perhaps updates on some of the spinoffs. We know for sure there’s a TWD panel and a Tales of the Walking Dead panel. But maybe fans will get a Daryl spinoff update too. 

What do you think? Will Rick news be announced at the SDCC Comic-Con panel? 

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