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Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows 2015: An Update of What’s Coming this Summer and Fall

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Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows 2015: 

With the summer season for TV shows just picking up and fall on its way, here’s an updated list of post-apocalyptic TV shows that we are SUPER excited about! If I missed anything, please leave a comment below and I’ll update this post.

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Summer Shows:



I wrote about Between on my most recent post. It’s a Netflix Original Series and is on Netflix right now. It’s a post-apocalyptic show, but the post-apocalyptic events (in this case, a deadly virus) are only being experienced by one town, which is now under quarantine. Netflix is releasing a new episode every week, for a total of six.

Under the Dome

Under the Dome is only “kind of” post-apocalyptic. It’s about a town that is isolated from the world thanks to a giant dome that mysteriously fell over it. So, we get to see how a town reacts to not having access to outside infrastructure. Definitely addresses some of the issues of post-apoc, with less desperation. You can watch it on Amazon here. Season 3 will premiere on CBS with a two-hour opening on June 25.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time is finishing up its current season NOW. The last six episodes are being aired the first week of June, every day through Thursday. Catch up on Amazon here.

Falling Skies

Falling Skies is about a world post-alien takeover. It has absolutely everything you’d want in a post-apocalyptic show! Sadly, this summer is its final season. It starts on June 28 on TNT. If you’ve never seen it, catch up on Amazon Instant here.

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Defiance on Syfy is another AMAZING post-apocalyptic show. An alien race also tries to take over the Earth but their attempt fails (while almost destroying civilization in the process.) This show is about the aliens and humans trying to live together while rebuilding the world. It’s crazy good. It premieres on Syfy on June 12. 🙂  If you’ve never seen it, it’s on Amazon Instant here.

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Dominion is another post-apocalyptic show on Syfy that returns to Syfy on July 9. On this show, civilization has to rebuild after a crazy war with … ANGELS. You can watch Season 1 on Amazon Instant here.

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Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is the MUCH anticipated spinoff to The Walking Dead on AMC. It’s a prequel, showing us a little about how everything went down. It’s just been announced that the first season (which I think will only be about 10 episodes long) will premiere in August.

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The Strain

The Strain is a unique twist on the zombie genre and airs on FX. It starts up again on July 12. The show is more in the “OH MY GOSH THE APOCALYPSE IS HAPPENING NOW” genre. 😉 It’s definitely worth watching if you’re a post-apocalyptic fan! You can catch up on Season 1 on Amazon Instant here.

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Extant will begin its second season on CBS on July 1. The show is more “avoiding the apocalypse,” but it’s fun, so I’m including it here. We basically have two entities battling each other, one who wants to take over the world. It’s set in the future and I really enjoyed season one (which you can watch on Amazon Instant here.)

The Last Ship

The second season of The Last Ship begins on June 21 on TNT with a two-hour opener. This show is about a ship pulling humanity from the brink of extinction. If that’s not enough to get your attention, I’m not sure what is. 😉 If you missed the first season, it’s on Amazon Instant here.

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This is the pre-apocalyptic show that you might not have heard about! It starts June 30 on CBS. It’s about animals suddenly going violent against humans, all across the globe. The phenomenon is linked to a global threat against mankind…

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Fall Shows

The Walking Dead

Who ISN’T excited about The Walking Dead coming back, right? We don’t know exactly when it’s returning yet. It started in mid-October in 2015, so I’d guess around the same time.

Z Nation

I’m not completely sure when Season 2 is coming back, but I believe it will be something in the early fall. I’ll keep you posted!

Childhood’s End

This miniseries on Syfy will start in December. I loved the book and I can’t wait!

After Fall:

The 100

The 100

I have to include this because I know everyone will be asking! The 100 is not returning until 2016, probably January. 🙁 It was originally slated to start in the fall, but it’s been pushed back. If you want to catch up on this AMAZING show that is the definition of everything post-apocalyptic, then check it out on Amazon here.


Containment is VERY similar in premise to Between. It’s about a town with a mysterious, lethal virus (in this case, Atlanta) that is immediately quarantined and isolated from the world. This is more about avoiding the apocalypse and how a town handles being hit by a potential one. It’s being started by Julie Plec, who also created The Vampire Diaries. The show will start mid-season on CW, so probably around the same time as The 100.

Here’s a trailer:


12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys was renewed by Syfy. All we know at this point is that it’s returning in 2016. You can watch season 1 (which as AMAZING, by the way) on Amazon Instant.


This “dramedy” about the Apocalypse will air on NBC and star Rob Lowe, Megan Mullally, and Jenna Fischer. No word yet on when it’s premiering, but it sounds like it will have a similar feel to “The Last Man on Earth.”

The Last Man on Earth

This one has also been renewed. No word yet on when it’s premiering, but I would guess early 2016.

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