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Post-Apocalyptic Civ Simulator ‘Simpocalypse’ Looking for Game Testers


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Simpocalypse is a newly announced game from Slovenia’s GameXGames that promises to be quite a change from your usual graphics-intense triple-A titles.

Billed as a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator, Simpocalypse is a micro-manager’s dream with research trees, perk advancing, citizen maintenance, global market trading, and much more.

The dev team recently took to Reddit to spread the word and get more players for the pre-alpha stage that the game is currently enjoying. The core features touted by the devs include:

  • A ton of incrementally unlocked features, tasks, resources and mechanics that ramp up the management complexity
  • A vast research system that will allow the player to choose their preferred style of play
  • Demand/Supply driven resource/products market that responds to player actions and game time
  • Tile-conquering system with tank customization
  • Time-lapse feature that allows you to control game time to optimize your macro/micro-management, and automate some processes. Spend your offline progress as you wish!

You can check out the playable pre-alpha client at the developer’s website, as well as join their Discord to talk directly with the devs about the game’s progress. And if the game is something you’re interesting in playing at launch, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam for its proposed Fall 2020 release.

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Shawn has been infatuated with the post-apocalyptic genre since he wore out his horribly American-dubbed VHS of the original Mad Max as a child. Shawn is the former Editor-in-Chief at Joystiq's, creator of the Aftermath post-apocalyptic immersion event, and host of the Through the Aftermath podcast for over 11 years. He currently resides on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere with his wife and four children.

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