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Is Rick Appearing in the Daryl Spinoff? Norman Reedus Hints at Possibility

Daryl and Rick

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In a recent interview, Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl on The Walking Dead), dropped a big hint about why his character is traveling to Europe in the upcoming spinoff. Many fans think he’s vaguely referring to Rick in his revelation. 

Could Daryl Be Looking for Rick in Europe? 

In an interview Iron & Air, Reedus doesn’t mention Rick by name. But he does hint about Daryl go to Europe so he can look for some characters from The Walking Dead who have been lost. The most important characters from the main series who are currently missing are Rick and Michonne. 

Here’s exactly what Reedus said. 

I was going to do a spinoff, me and Melissa, we were going to do it together, but she wanted to take a break, and she deserves a break. And in the meantime, they were like, “Hey, do you want to go on a mission while she’s taking some time?” I’m like, “Yeah. Let’s f***ing go on a mission.” So I’ll be going to Europe doing a mission. Some of our characters are lost, and maybe I’ll run into one or two of them.

That’s a pretty big hint. Who else could he be talking about besides Rick and Michonne? 

He also later says that “Carol and Daryl will definitely come back together,” so it looks like Melissa McBride’s break from The Walking Dead universe won’t be permanent. And who can really blame her for wanting some time off after being involved with the series since it first premiered so many years ago? 

Reedus also talked about when he first drove home after the last day of filming for The Walking Dead, and how the end of the series really hit him. 

He said: “It hit me driving home from the set. The sun’s coming up, and there’s a certain route I take through the woods to get back to my house in Georgia. And when I finished that ride and I got to my gate, I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s the last time I’m going to do that.’ It was weird and sad, and it’s also like a feeling of great accomplishment, in a way.”

Daryl’s Spinoff Has Undergone Many Changes Recently

Daryl’s spinoff has undergone many changes recently, almost as many as Rick’s trilogy of movies. In fact, the Rick movies seem completely up in the air at the moment, so it wouldn’t surprise me personally if they took some of those ideas and put them in one of the planned spinoffs instead. 

The spinoff series was supposed to star Daryl and Carol, but Melissa McBride decided she needed a break.  

An AMC spokesperson told EW: “Unfortunately, [Melissa McBride] is no longer able to participate in the previously announced spin-off focused on the Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier characters, which will be set and filmed in Europe this summer and premiere next year. Relocating to Europe became logistically untenable for Melissa at this time. We know fans will be disappointed by this news, but The Walking Dead Universe continues to grow and expand in interesting ways and we very much hope to see Carol again in the near future.” 

Some fans reacted poorly to the news — so poorly, in fact, that Jeffrey Dean Morgan called them out on it. You can learn more about that in our story here

Do you think Rick will appear in the Daryl spinoff? Let us know in the comments! 

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