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Norman Reedus Injured on Set, Postpones Fandemic Appearance

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According to a message from the Fandemic Dead Tour’s Instagram page, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus will not be appearing at this month’s convention due to an injury he sustained while filming.

Reedus Won’t Be Attending the Convention Because of the Injury

Fandemic Tour shared the original notice, letting fans know about Reedus’ injury.

Fandemic Tour
Fandemic Tour (Instagram)

While there was no word at the time of the original post about what project the Daryl Dixon actor was filming at the time, we do know that he is currently working on several TWD spin-offs including one specifically for Daryl and Carol. It’s possible that this injury happened on the set of Season 11 as news just dropped this weekend about the final episode wrapping up by the end of this month. Reedus is also reportedly working on the third movie in the Boondock Saints franchise as well.

“We are sending all of our thoughts and positive energy to Norman Reedus,” the Fandemic Dead Tour’s message reads. “Everyone in our amazing community knows how much he loves his fans, and he wants you to know how terrible he feels about the situation. However, we all want him to do what is best for his health. Let’s send him all of our well-wishes and hope for a speedy recovery.”

An Update Revealed that Reedus Was Suffering a Concussion

E! News later reported that Reedus had suffered a concussion while filming on the set of The Walking Dead’s final season. 

An AMC spokesperson told E! News: “Norman suffered a concussion on set. He is recovering well and will return to work soon. Thank you to everyone for their concern.” 

A Now-Deleted Announcement Said McBride Was Postponing Her Appearance Too

Fans of the show have pointed out that the Fandemic announcement had originally listed Melissa McBride (Carol) as postponing her appearance as well, but that seems to have been removed. She’s now back, the tour shared.

The Walking Dead is currently on its 11th and final season with Reedus being the most consistent star since the series began in 2010. He currently has 175 episodes under his belt.

Reedus and McBride are slated to star in a Walking Dead spinoff together, Post Apocalyptic Media previously reported. Reedus said the look and feel of the new series is going to be very different. Carol and Daryl’s spinoff is just one of many currently in the works. Other planned spinoffs include Tales of the Walking Dead, a Scott-Gimple-developed episodic anthology that will flesh out arcs from characters that didn’t get a chance to be explained in great detail during the main show; a trilogy of movies centered around Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln); another season of Fear the Walking Dead; and a wrap-up to the young-adult-focused World Beyond series. In addition to all of these, a Maggie-and-Negan spinoff has just been announced. 

We wish Norman Reedus a healthy and speedy recovery from his injuries.

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