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The Matrix 4 Teaser Trailer: How to Watch All the Different Red & Blue Versions

Matrix 4 Teaser Trailer Videos

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The teaser for The Matrix 4 is pure genius, giving us some pretty great vibes already on what we can expect from the movie. Apparently not only do you get a different teaser trailer depending on if you choose the red or the blue pill, but you also get slightly different teasers simply based on what time you watch the trailers. A full trailer is coming out on Thursday (September 9), but we have so far is going to keep us busy for some time.

This article will have spoilers for Matrix 4.

How to Watch All The Matrix 4 Trailers

Are you wanting to see all the different versions? It’ll take some time. First, there’s the main page to access the teasers. Here you can click on either the red or the blue pill to see a different teaser for the movie. And let’s just say that for a teaser, they reveal quite a bit. I’m used to teasers being just a few seconds in length with maybe one shot from the movie. In both teasers, you also have a moment when you’re told what time it is, and the time coincides with the time you’re watching the teaser. It’s a really nice touch.

Here’s a version of each that you might enjoy:

Every time you click on one of the two pills, you’ll also get a slightly different variation of the trailer based on what time you clicked. ET claims there are more than 180,000 slightly different variations in the trailers.

See the 13:54 Version vs the 14:02 Version

There’s an interesting thread on Reddit here, shared by u/Trend_Glaze, where they figured out how you can theoretically watch all the different versions.

They noted that the base URL for the red pill video is here. You’ll get a different video based on what time you load the red pill teaser, and you can figure out the exact video file name by inspecting the page code when you load the teaser. When they loaded the page at 13:54 (aka 1:54 p.m. Eastern), the filename was be5a6a49097c3c260b938524e825f166.mp4.  At 14:02 (aka 2:02 p.m. Eastern) the file name was c6b4f983b46606c6215af90c2f1879c5.mp4. You can watch the 13:54 video here and the 14:02 video here.

This would mean that there are 2,880 different clips in total for the red and blue pills (which would be fewer than the 180,000 variations mentioned earlier in this article.)

See a Compilation of Some of the Major Scenes

On Reddit, user u/varunasingh compiled a bunch of scenes that he was able to find into one video on YouTube. You can watch that video below.

It’s just a 33 second video, but it speaks volumes about how amazing this movie is going to likely end up being.

Redditor u/khada4 shared a video that shows Neo moving a car while escaping a bunch of zombie people:

Neo moves a car while escaping from zombie people from matrix

That video is also in the previous montage, but it’s cool enough to stand out on its own.

Here’s another video that stitches together all the teaser footage found so far, provided by u/legacyzero1.

And here’s another mashup on YouTube, provided by u/paranoing.

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