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RIP Luke Perry: Remembering His Role on Jeremiah

Luke Perry on Jeremiah

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We at Post Apocalyptic Media have to take a moment to say goodbye to Luke Perry. He suffered a massive stroke and died at the young age of 52. 🙁 And although many people remember him from 90210 or Riverdale, we remember him for the post-apocalyptic series called Jeremiah. (If you’ve never seen Jeremiah, you can watch it on Amazon here.)

RIP Luke Perry. We will miss you, including your role on the post-apocalyptic show Jeremiah. Click To Tweet

Jeremiah lasted for two seasons, from 2002-2004. And Luke Perry played the title role. He was Jeremiah. The TV series was created by J. Michael Straczynski, later known for one of my all-time favorites, Babylon 5.

In Jeremiah, Luke Perry starred alongside Malcolm-Jamal Warner in a story about a disease that wiped out every adult, leaving behind only children who hadn’t reached puberty yet. This was the story of what happened after they grew up a decade later, as Jeremiah set out to find a mysterious place that his father had told him about.

Many people loved Jeremiah. One person wrote on IMDB: “I just saw the first season of Jeremiah and I was completely blown away. What an awesome series! This is going to be another “Firefly” cult-like classic. Because it was poorly marketed it didn’t get the attention it deserved. I would love to see this series take off again! This would be very well received on the sci-fi channel or any other channel for that matter. It’s a shame that it’s 2009 and I’m just seeing this for the first time!!! How about a major motion picture?”

Some thought the series was a little cheesy at times, especially that intro for Season 2, which we’re including below. (But what series wasn’t a little campy in that time period?) Luke Perry handled his role amazingly well and really sold the idea that he was in an apocalyptic wasteland.

But still, Luke Perry himself did a great job as Jeremiah. He was a wonderful post-apocalyptic lead, and we wish we could have seen him in more roles like that. But his last role, as Archie Andrews’ father on Riverdale, was phenomenal. We will miss Luke Perry. 🙁

Here are some tweets remembering his role on Jeremiah:

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If you’ve never seen Jeremiah, you can watch it on Amazon here.

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