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Lethal Virus Pandemic Thriller Set to Release on July 27

Lethal Virus movie

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Vision Films has announced today the official release date for its new pandemic zombie horror flick out of Spain entitled Lethal Virus.

The film, created by Daniel Hernández Torrado, was written and began filming before the COVID-19 pandemic even began, but the parallels between the movie’s plot and reality might be described as eerie.

“During the filming, the pandemic began and we watched in amazement as the script was transforming into reality before our eyes,” Torrado remarks. “During the shooting we also suffered the inclemency of climate change, in the form of unexpected snowfalls and torrential rains, but we decided to use the setbacks to our advantage, adapting the scenes and including snowy sequences of great visual beauty.”

Originally called COVID 21: Lethal Virus, it seems that the filmmakers decided to drop that ominous C-word earlier this year. That was probably a good choice considering the fact that the end of this current pandemic is nowhere in sight and many potential viewers have lost loved ones. In an older trailer from last December, you can see much more of a focus on the characters and the COVID-21 name, with the more recent trailer showcasing more of the special effects and zombies.

The plot centers around an ancient rabies virus that was accidentally released in Antarctica, thanks to the melting ice caps. A scientist races to find the cure, bringing along your usual suspects, including an “eccentric” and two members of the special forces.

The film stars an international cast including Christian Stamm (Westworld, Malnazidos), Loretta Hope (Barren, Hexagon), Ramón Álvarez (Justice League, Jurassic World) and Tomas Paredes (James Bond, El Cid).

The movie will be available on major streaming and cable platforms, as well as DVD, on July 27.

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