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Latest Paradise Lost Trailer Explains Alternate WWII History That Led to Nuclear Apocalypse

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What if the Allies didn’t win World War II? What if Nazi Germany was left unchecked throughout the late 40s and all the way into the 60s? What is Germany created a fleet of nuclear weapons to destroy all of Europe when backed into a corner? That’s the premise of the upcoming game Paradise Lost and a new trailer gives some visual representation to the interesting alternate history story.

You play as a 12-year-old protagonist named Szymon who discovers an underground Nazi bunker in 1980 Poland that holds countless mysteries. The game is said to wind through an intricate storyline that involves multiple paths to various endings.

Paradise Lost“Using the unique lens of a child works very well with the theme,” Game Director Bogdan Graczyk explained to IGN during a demo of the upcoming game. “When we look at the aftermath of the war through the eyes of a child who is innocent, but needs to live with the consequences anyway, it’s a more powerful story. The emotional impact was always very high on our priority list of our artistic goals.”

This trailer takes a deeper look at the alternate timeline from what really happened during the WWII conflict versus what could have happened if the United States waited to enter the war. It explores Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939 through Hitler’s discovery of Uranium mines in Africa, the fall of Moscow, and the eventual attack on US warship that killed over 1,100 sailors. It’s unclear in the video if Pearl Harbor ever happened in this alternate timeline, but it seems that this attack by Germany was the tipping point that finally led to the US joining the fight. But was it already too late?

Paradise Lost
is set to release later this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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