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Unseen Hero Battling To Get Jean from ‘Attack on Titan’ Added to Wikipedia’s List of Horses

Jean on Attack on Titan

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Not all heroes wear capes. Behind the scenes in the world of Wikipedia edits, an unseen hero is waging a battle. Just like the Survey Corps thanklessly battled the Titans, this lone Internet ranger is waging their own thankless battle. They’re fighting to get Jean from Attack on Titan included in Wikipedia’s official list of fictional horses.

An Internet hero is quietly trying to get Jean's name added to Wikipedia's official list of fictional horses. Click To Tweet

Jean’s Name Keeps Getting Added & Removed from the List of Fictional Horses was first alerted to this development when stumbling onto a Reddit thread about the listing. The poster, Low_Lingonberry1693, supplied a screenshot of the listing and simply asked, “Which one of y’all did this. I’m not mad, i just want to know.”

Which one of y’all did this. I’m not mad, i just want to know. from ShingekiNoKyojin

However, others joined in and claimed that after checking the list themselves, they believed the screenshot was fake.

But PostApocalyptic did a deeper dive and discovered this isn’t the truth. Jean Kirstein HAS been listed over and over on the Wikipedia list. But someone else keeps removing his name. 😠

You can see the proof in the list of revisions below.


Wikipedia user S0pi3 hill4first made the change on September 15, innocently writing: “I added a fictional character to the list.”

And you can look back and see what the page looked like when it was added. The listing was added under “Horses in literature.”


But S0pi3 hill4 first appeared to then have second thoughts, deciding it would be better to change this to the English name of the show rather than the Japanese name. They wrote: “I changed the name of a show from the japanese name to the english name.” This was also done on September 15. But perhaps this ultimately served as the listing’s undoing by drawing too much attention to it. Or perhaps the problem was listing it under literature when it may have done better under television or animation.

Whatever the case, the listing was changed and remained there until September 24.

For proof, posterity, and all that, here is the full page with Jean’s listing, as it once appeared, now forever saved on Scribd in a full PDF.

List of Fictional Horses Wikipedia PDF by Stephanie Dube Dwilson on Scribd

Don’t worry if you don’t want to scroll through the whole thing. Here’s a screenshot.


Sadly, this change was not destined to survive. At some point, the change was deleted.

It’s not clear if  was the only one making the changes or not. A little earlier, on August 29, an unnamed editor also added Jean’s name to the list (but spelled it wrong as “Jean Kristen.”) At that point in time, the name had been added under “Horses in Animation.”


It even looks like another user tried to restore S0pi3 hill4’s revision on September 24. But the current list does not have Jean listed. 🙁

Why Is Jean a Horse?

Jean’s alias on the anime is “Horse face,” the Fandom Wiki explained. He is said to have a look (including a scowl) similar to Eren’s but with a longer “horse-shaped” face.

Jean and Eren sometimes swap places, and Eren always comments about how he can’t believe people get them confused because he doesn’t have a “horseface” like Jean.

At one point he said that Jean as his stand-in wouldn’t hold up under close scrutiny. “After all,” he said, “Jean and I look nothing alike… I don’t have his horseface!”

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