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Horizon Forbidden West: Everything We Know So Far

Horizon Forbidden West

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Included with the exciting news surrounding Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal earlier this month is Horizon Forbidden West, the highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s smash post-apocalyptic hit Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games.

Horizon Forbidden West Swimming

Horizon Forbidden West will take fans of the original popular PS4 exclusive to new levels on the PS5 with improved graphics, gameplay, enemies, and a whole new playable area in the western United States. But what else can we expect from the sequel?

Horizon Forbidden West Mammoth

  • Horizon Forbidden West will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but may find itself playable on PCs at a later date, similarly to the original game’s own port to PCs coming later this summer.
  • Original protagonist Aloy will return to fight a new enemy known as the Red Blight.
  • Exploration has been expanded to include under water and possibly an extensive climbing system.
  • Horizon Forbidden West is confirmed to take place west of the first game’s Utah and Colorado maps, but the reveal trailer shows off remnants of a ruined San Francisco, a casino in the desert (Las Vegas?), and snow-capped mountains similar to those found in Yosemite National Park, leading us to believe that California and Nevada is where the majority of the game will take place.
  • While the game is newly announced, it has actually been in development since the original Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017. This means that we can expect to see it sooner, rather than later, with speculation pegging a 2021 release.

Horizon Forbidden West Ruins

With these points in mind, are you looking forward to playing Horizon Forbidden West? Let us know in the comments below!


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