Here Are Some Crazy, High-Tech Face Masks, from Space Helmets to LED Messages

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Are you tired of wearing a cloth mask all the time, but you’re still worried about taking vital N95 masks from professionals who really need them? Then let me present to you the some insanely creative, high-tech face masks and face shields available on the commercial market. From LED messages on your face to space helmets and self-cleaning UV lights, these offer every convenience you didn’t know you wanted.

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Let me emphasize that I’m very “pro-mask.” They cut down on the viral load and help us get milder forms of the coronavirus, and they help lessen the chances that your neighbor, friend, or family member will catch the virus and develop COVID-19. But these masks are really creative. I almost want one! And no, I haven’t tested any of these out, so I can’t vouch for them. But I can vouch for how insanely creative they are.

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MicroClimate’s Space Helmet (aka AIR)

AIR is clean, fresh, and safe Travel. AIR by MicroClimate is a new wearable technology. From Uber to airline, AIR will keep you comfortable and safe the whole trip. Here are 5 Reasons to Use AIR.

Posted by MicroClimate on Thursday, August 27, 2020

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AIR looks like a space helmet, so that already has me sold. In a Facebook comment, MicroClimate wrote that you can hear other people when wearing it, and they can hear you, but it might be lightly muffled and they’re working on that feature. In response to a question about sneezing or coughing, they wrote: “Sneezing is primarily caused by breathing in dust, pollen, etc. MicroClimate Air blocks these irritants. The ventilation system quickly dries out the visor and fabric. MicroClimate Air also comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning when needed.”

“AIR exceeded my expectations! The fan is cooling and the cloth is comfortable. Kept my hands off my face. Flying to…

Posted by MicroClimate on Friday, August 14, 2020

One person noted in a Facebook comment on September 18 that if you order today it could be a month or so before the new helmet ships. Worth the wait, right?

The product was just launched in early August, so it’s still pretty new.

Announcing the Launch of AIR by MicroClimate.comDesigned for travel, AIR by MicroClimate™ is a new wearable technology. From Uber to train, shuttle bus to airline, AIR will keep you comfortable the whole trip!

Posted by MicroClimate on Thursday, August 6, 2020

In another comment, they noted: “AIR comes with a USB C cable and can be used while it’s charging. It’s been tested to work for a trip to Alaska so far.”

The helmet uses high-powered fans to pull air through HEPA filters to keep the mask fog-free. The battery lasts more than four hours and has a six-foot charging cable so you can keep it charged on a long flight. It has a removable washable fabric and costs $199.

Editor’s note: This product is not associated with VYZR Technologies, as earlier indicated. VYZR Technologies’ product is listed next. 

BioVYZR 1.0

VYZR Technologies
VYZR Technologies

VYZR Technologies has its own high-tech mask called the BioVYZR 1.0. This is a personal air purifying shield and it looks amazing.  Right now you can pre-order one on Indiegogo, including a Single’s Pack that includes a BioVYZR 1.0 and a 10-pack of KN95 air filter refills for $498 CAD. The product has already started shipping. It’s weather-proof, has a 12-hour battery that’s rechargeable, three airflow settings, a quiet fan, and it weighs 2.7 pounds. The shield is washable, has peripheral side windows, and anti-fog properties. You can see another webpage about the product here.

Programmable LED Masks with Messages

It’s hard to find a mask that really shares your personality and sometimes it’s hard to talk in a mask. So why not cover all your bases with a mask that shares an LED message?

The LED Hat on Facebook introduced this message mask where you can type what you want to say on your phone, press enter, and it shows up on your mask. It costs $29.99 here and comes in two different screen sizes. I can’t vouch for the filtration on this mask or anything like that, but it’s interesting.

If buying from a random website isn’t really you’re thing, you can buy from random Amazon sellers instead. For example, here is one being sold on Amazon. Reviews are mixed. Some people say the LED screen and scrolling text works great, but this particular mask’s voice mode crashes. Some get great masks and others aren’t so happy with them. (They’re $17.99 there.) As always, review the seller and reviews thoroughly on Amazon before making your purchase.

There are tons of programmable LED face masks you can get. You can see a full selection of options on Amazon here.

Colorful LED Face Masks


Programmable messages not your thing but you still want to stand out? Well, as it turns out, there are light-up rechargeable LED masks in all different colors now too. People have gotten very creative with face masks. Once again, I can’t vouch for how the masks work or the filtration, but they’re fun. Some of these were even being sold before the pandemic.

This one has seven color lights that you can switch through using a single button. You can recharge it with a USB cable. One person wrote in September 2019: “This company is legit! This mask is pretty cool. definitely is a hit at parties. the colors are pretty bright and vibrant. it only takes an hour to charge and it lasts for hours. Breathing through the mask is great and I never felt uncomfortable or sweating while wearing it. definitely recommend this. I purchased some led flashing sunglasses I took on a cruise. I was a hit in the clubs on the dance floor!”

There’s another version you can get here. One person wrote: “So i purchased this mask because its fun. I wear it occasionally to bring a smile to patients. its front heavy so would not be good for any extended use. Although its not a true medical mask, neither is what the majority of what people are wearing now a days. Im sure it provides as good of coverage as any home made or etsy mask however is fun. Love the different settings.”

There are tons of LED light-up masks on Amazon. See a list to choose from here.

LG Has a Wearable Air Purifier Called Puricare


In late August, LG announced the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier. It has two H13 HEPA filters, supplying fresh air wherever you go. It has dual fans and respiratory sensors that adjust the fans according to how you’re breathing. The mask is equipped with UV-LED lights that kill germs in between use.

Strapless, Anti-Fog Face Masks

If your biggest concern is wearing straps or that your glasses fog up, Spidertech’s Strapless Anti-fog Face Cover claims to fix all that. The site says these don’t require any cutting but come pre-cut with a shield pre-installed. They also come in one of seven colors, costing $25 for a set of 20. Spidertech also has an Amazon store here.

The C-Face Smart Mask  Transcribes Speech & Translates Japanese

Donut Robotics has created a C-Mask that connects to a phone app and can transcribe speech or even translate Japanese into eight languages, Business Insider reported. It’s expected to ship the first 5,000 in Japan this month and then later expand to the U.S.,  Europe, and China. See Donut Robotics’ webpage about the mask here.

UV Self-Cleaning Masks

On Indiegogo, you’ll find the UVMask by UM Systems. The page explains: “Equipped with a passive air filter, and a groundbreaking patent-pending Sterile-Vortex active purification, it filters the air in real-time, providing all-day, 8-hour protection.” Learn more here.

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