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Here’s How You Can Watch the First Episode of Silo for Free on Twitter

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As the Silo finale is set to cap off a truly great first season on Friday, June 30, Apple is giving a free gift to anyone who has not yet started watching the post-apocalyptic drama. Head on over to Apple’s Twitter page (or just scroll down) to watch the entire first episode of Silo for free.

Silo on AppleTV

What is Silo, you might ask? It’s a 10-part series based on the Hugh Howey novel Wool, which is the first in the Silo trilogy. The story takes place in a 144-story underground silo that houses the remaining survivors of a global apocalypse who are not entirely sure if everything they’ve heard about the outside world is true or not.

It stars Dune’s Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette Nichols, a reluctant leader who sets out to solve the mysteries of the silo. The show also stars Rashida Jones, Common, David Oyelowo, Tim Robbins, and Harriet Walter.

Silo has already been renewed for a second season, with several more seasons expected if it’s to follow the entire Hugh Howey trilogy. Aside from the first book, Wool, the other books in the series are Shift and Dust.

Our very own Tina Beier has been reviewing each episode as they come out, so be sure to check those articles out once you’re caught up. Plus, Tina interviewed author Hugh Howey in January of last year to talk about the show, the books, and Howey’s path along the way.

“It was never supposed to be a single novel!” Howey says when asked if the book was meant to become a trilogy. “It all started as a short story, just fifty or so pages. I put it online for 99 cents and went back to writing another novel. But the demand was overwhelming for more in that world, so I took up the challenge.” And look at it now!

The final episode of Silo’s first season drops this Friday on AppleTV+.

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