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Will there be a Heavenly Delusion Season 2?

Heavenly Delusion

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Heavenly Delusion is a new anime that has been released earlier this year on Disney+ and Hulu. Based on the manga, this new post-apocalyptic show’s last episode is now ready for you to stream. Now that the show is official over, when will we be able to see what happens to humanity after the events? And has a Heavenly Delusion Season 2 been announced? Let’s find out.

Heavenly Delusion Season 2 (Tengoku Daimakyou Season 2)

The first episode of Heavenly Delusion aired April 1st and quickly became a fan favorite. With 13 episodes under its belt, the show scored an 8.30 on MyAnimeList. According to the credible leaker ECUF on Twitter, season 2 of the anime has been renewed for a second season, but says that “*It won’t be out for a while”.

Which is not surprising, since, according to Quora, an anime episode takes about 8 to 12 weeks to produce. When multiplied by 13, the amount of episodes in the first season, we are looking at 104 to 156 weeks, which is 2 to 3 years of waiting. Queue the sad trombone music.

So, while it’s going to take a while, Season 2 of Heavenly Delusion will hit your screen in the future. It will adapt the A.I. Arc, starting from chapter 33 of the ongoing manga series. If you’re up to date with the anime and can’t wait for the second season, you can begin reading the Heavenly Delusion manga from chapter 33 to continue the story.

Heavenly Delusion Chapter 33
Heavenly Delusion Chapter 33

What is Heavenly Delusion?

Fifteen years have passed since a catastrophic event devastated human civilization, leaving behind a desolate landscape infested with perilous man-eating creatures that pose an imminent threat to the surviving population. Amidst this chaos, a secluded facility provides sanctuary to children, offering them a peaceful refuge. However, a handful of these children become aware of the world beyond the confines of their shelter, and their curiosity begins to blossom.

Somewhere else, two young survivors named Maru and Kiruko join forces, embarking on a quest to discover a fabled sanctuary known as Heaven. Together, they aspire to unravel the mysteries behind the cruelty that has plagued their lives and the shattered remnants of the world they inhabit.

The show is based on the manga series by the title Hepburn: Tengoku Daimakyō, created by writer and illustrator Masakazu Ishiguro. Since January 2018, it has captivated readers as a serialized work in Kodansha’s esteemed seinen manga magazine, Monthly Afternoon.

According to Wikipedia, following a bout of writer’s block that led to his departure from the manga magazine Young King OURs, Masakazu Ishiguro ventured into the creation of Heavenly Delusion. Unbeknownst to him, the series bore unintended similarities to the works of Akira, featuring a post-apocalyptic backdrop and the dynamic duo of Maru and Kiruko. Ishiguro set out to explore the concept of “evil” in a different light within his manga, a departure from his previous work, And Yet the Town Moves.

During the creative process, Ishiguro developed sketches of young characters that would resonate with the shonen demographic. Recognizing his talent, editorial members from Afternoon extended an invitation to Ishiguro to contribute to their publication once again. This offered him the opportunity to explore new avenues and further evolve the captivating world of Heavenly Delusion.

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