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​​​​​​​Galaxy4games’ Skiesverse Alpha Stage Revealed


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The world of video games grows every day, and this is no different for Galaxy4games, which unveiled the alpha stage of its flagship project, ‘Skiesverse’ at Plus, get ready for community giveaways and an exclusive NFT pre-mint marketplace sale. 

What is Skiesverse About?

The story of Skiesverse, also spelled Skies Verse, begins in the early 21st century when an abrupt and intense surge in solar activity reshaped the world as we know it. In just a fortnight, the very fabric of civilization unraveled, leaving energy sources, governments, and infrastructure utterly useless. With temperatures soaring to unbearable levels, the Earth’s surface turned into an unforgiving and hostile environment, pushing humanity into a harrowing battle for its existence.

Skiesverse Skies Verse

Skiesverse is a Web3 game that’s shaking up the gaming world. It’s not your typical RPG but definitely fits our favorite genre – it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where you’ll need to use your brains and skills to the max. You’ll be mining valuable stuff, creating all kinds of gadgets, running your own businesses, and having epic battles in wild, abandoned places and cities. It’s a whole new level of gaming.

The team behind it is all about making this game exciting, using cutting-edge web3 tech to make it an amazing experience for both web3 and web2 players. So no matter what kind of gamer you are, you’re in for a wild ride! 

In Skiesverse, the game economy is a player-driven marvel, putting you in the driver’s seat of a post-apocalyptic world’s financial engine. You’re not just playing a game; you’re shaping its economic destiny. You have the power to mine valuable resources, become a master of production, wage epic battles for control over critical locations, and even own and operate manufacturing businesses. It’s like running your own post-apocalyptic empire.

Skies Verse Wait List.
Skies Verse wait list.

But here’s where it gets really exciting: You can rent locations, launch and manage businesses right in the game, and go head-to-head with other players for control of resource-rich spots and cities. It’s a sandbox of possibilities, where your choices and actions have a real impact on the game’s economy and your success within it. So, get ready to flex your entrepreneurial muscles and make your mark in the Skiesverse! 

What Else Can You Find in Skiesverse?

In Skiesverse, the game world is divided into locations, each of which is like a tactical battlefield made up of hexagonal cells. These cells are where the action happens – players can mine valuable resources, engage in battles with one another, or interact with different objects scattered around. This setup is a crucial part of the core gameplay experience, which revolves around three main components: the global map, where you navigate the game world; the location gameplay, which is all about what happens within each location; and manufacturing, where you put your collected resources and skills to good use. It’s a dynamic blend of strategy, action, and resource management that keeps the game engaging and exciting. 


Players have a ton of options in Skiesverse, like mining, crafting, battling, owning businesses, and more. And when it comes to tokens, it’s a circular system. The tokens you can earn are based on in-app purchases, commissions, and payments for in-game features. It’s all part of the game’s economy, which is controlled by the players.

Your characters, weapons, and armors can level up and even evolve into more formidable versions using special Potion NFTs or governance tokens. Moreover, every business in the game is an NFT, and you can launch them on land you’ve either rented or purchased. It’s all about customizing your gameplay and building your own empire within the game world. 

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