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Furiosa’s War Rig Exposed, New Cast Members Revealed

Fury Road

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In a new video from Mad Max Bible, we see some exciting new updates on the next movie in the Mad Max franchise, including behind-the-scenes shots, more cast revelations, and even a few accidental reveals from crew members!

Just last week we got the official word from actor Chris Hemsworth that Mad Max: Furiosa had begun filming in New South Wales, Australia. But recent info compiled on Mad Max Bible’s YouTube channel shows off some incredible footage.


First off, we have Furiosa’s war rig that was first leaked back in December of 2021. The photo shows a Kenworth C500 semi at the vehicle workshop in Chullora, NSW. While the big rig was still relatively fresh at this stage, later photos from only a couple months ago show the same vehicle completely decked out in wild exhaust, excavator crane arms, and covered in chrome, which plays into the “shiny and chrome” aesthetic that became so popular with 2015’s Fury Road.

The big question here is: is this war rig from the Citadel or is it part of Gastown’s fleet? There are hints that point to both possibilities.

Accidental Reveals

Vehicle Supervisor Laurie Faen recently posted a whole collection of photos of crew members to honor their work as filming begins, but it’s what’s behind many of these crew members that especially interests us.

In one shot, we can see a lifted 67-68 Mercury Cougar in the background of one crew member’s photo while Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan accidentally revealed a list of motorcycles that will be used in the film, including mostly Yamaha dirt bikes for “Refugee” characters. So is “refugee” a new faction name, or just a description of characters?

New Cast Members

Australian actor David Collins, who is best-known for his roles on The Tourist and The Umbilical Brothers, along with CJ Bloomfield from 2021’s Streamline, were both confirmed to play roles in Furiosa.

Mad Max Bible predicts that both Bloomfield and Matuse “The Pharoah” Paz will play henchmen in the film, given their large muscular frames. Maybe they’ll play alongside Nathan Jones as he returns for his iconic Rictus Erectus role?

The video goes into so much more detail with these topics as well as filming locations, a compilation of fan photos, and much more.

Furiosa is expected to release on May 24, 2024 from long-time Mad Max creator and director George Miller.

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