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Ed-0: Zombie Uprising Pre-orders Available Now

ed0: Zombie Uprising

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When you hear about zombie games, you probably assume they’ll just slowly chase you and try to eat your brains. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising brings a new type of undead, and every run is entirely different. Along with the 1.0 release for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, D3PUBLISHER will include over 100 hours of gameplay and new updates. 

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising Pre-Orders 

Since April 2022, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising has been available through Steam’s Early Access. During this time, the creators have added new content and responded to input from the player community by making substantial modifications that considerably increase the quality of the overall player experience. The quality of the battle system, the degree of challenge, and the addition of a save feature in the middle of the game are features that have been implemented. Pre-orders of the game are available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and of course available as early access on Steam

The debut of version 1.0 also contains a number of brand-new features, such as additional Blessings and Charms, an adaptive trigger function that is only available on PS5, an EDO Shader that gives the player the choice to toggle on a fun filter based on a “Ukiyo-e” style, and enough material for over 100 hours of gaming. 

ed0: Zombie Uprising
Ed0: Zombie Uprising

What is Ed-0: Zombie Uprising About?

According to their website, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is a video game that takes set in a fictitious version of Edo-era Japan. The land has been overrun by hordes of ravenous zombies, and the player must engage in harsh strategic warfare using a rogue-like gameplay system. Because no two runs through the dungeon will be the identical, the players’ ability to exercise sound judgment will be of the highest significance. They will be required to take on “once-in-a-lifetime” tasks that include a broad variety of random aspects while battling enemies. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising features a wide variety of undead foes, ranging from “newly interpreted” Japanese zombies to foreign invaders formed during the “Zombie Industrial Revolution.” Players will be able to unlock more as they play, giving them a growing number of choices to modify builds to their taste. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to increase the degree of difficulty in order to test their own capabilities.

Ed-0  Zombie Uprising will be available July 11, 2023. The game will have a suggested retail price of €28.99 (or $29.99) when it is released. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself if this is a game for you!


D3PUBLISHER is a Japanese video game publisher and a part of the BANDAI NAMCO group of companies. Since its founding in 1992, the firm has been responsible for the publication of console and mobile/online games based on some of the most well-known franchises and series in the gaming industry. These titles include EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5, Onechanbara, the Simple series, and a number of others. Visit the website at for further details.

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