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Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Review: Fans Dunk on ‘Amina’

FTWD Season 7 Episode 15 review

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15, “Amina,” was an intense episode with a lot of confusing choices that were a bit hard to follow. Despite some of the questionable writing choices, however, Alycia Debnam-Carey stood out with an emotional performance that viewers will remember for a long time. 

This is a Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 review of “Amina,” as shown on AMC Plus. So there will be MAJOR spoilers below.

One Viewer Wrote, ‘Mad Props to Alycia Debnam-Carey’


While the plot itself was nonsensical at times, Alycia Debnam-Carey’s performance was not. In a subreddit post reviewing the episode’s AMC Plus premiere, Redditor AjitoThe13th wrote: “mad props to Alycia Debnam-Carey for still putting emotion in whatever this episode was. Made the whole 45 minutes a little more bearable.” 

Others chimed in to agree. Whether you enjoyed the plot or were annoyed by it, viewers can all agree that Debnam-Carey put her all into her performance and did a beautiful job. 

As annoying at the plot was, the scene where Victor and Alicia said goodbye to each other was definitely packed with emotion. And I loved the scene where Alicia released the bird in the tower too. Those were two major highlights to the episode. 

Alicia Is Cured & Leaves Right Before Madison Arrives


I’ve never been a fan of episodes that are hallucination-focused, so most of this episode really bugged me. By now, most fans had realized that Alicia was following her “younger self” who kept appearing to her through fever-induced hallucinations. What didn’t make sense was why her friends kept letting her do it. 

Alicia’s sick and obviously not in her right mind. She can’t go very far without passing out and needing to be rescued.  June and the rest of the crew keep rescuing her, but they also keep agreeing to let her do crazy stuff like crawl through a tunnel while she’s practically dying. Alicia kept chasing her Padre vision, and ended up right back in the tower that they had rescued her from. It turns out that her only “purpose” in the storyline was to convince Strand to escape, even though he had already refused the magnanimous offer from Alicia’s crew a few hours earlier. 

Strand “took everything from me,” Alicia keeps saying throughout the episode. I assumed she was talking about how Strand killed Will, but she insists that’s not what she means. She thinks Strand somehow took away her mother’s vision of the future. It’s all just…odd. 

In the end, she finds him in the tower and puts all her misgivings aside in order to help convince Strand that he wants to live. (And this whole time, they’re breathing in smoke in the Tower that should have killed them… Never mind the radiation…) 

In the end, they get back to the beach before everyone’s gone. Alicia thinks she’s going to die and doesn’t want Strand “stranded” in the raft with her if she turns, despite having a fully loaded gun at their disposal. So even after the group put their lives at risk to rescue her multiple times, she still abandons them and sets Strand off in the raft alone. (Which I’m sure they will be thrilled about.) 

The end was the most annoying part to me. Somehow telling Strand that she loved him managed to cure her. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Alicia was near-death for months (weeks? I’m not sure), and now she’s magically all better? Make it make sense. 🙁 

Actually, one Redditor might have done it: 

The plot’s main purpose, it seems, was to remove Alicia from the show right before Madison arrived. But now my headcanon is that Alicia died, and we just saw her “spirit” walking away into a happy sunset at the end of the episode.

There’s no way Alicia could still be alive and heading right into a group of irradiated zombies, right? 

Viewers Are Mad About This Episode

In a subreddit post reviewing the episode’s AMC Plus premiere, viewers are pretty upset at how this episode went. 

Redditor Kiptus wrote: “The bottom line is that this show needs to be binned off. They removed Madison, teased us for years, ruined the surprise, are finally introducing her back in & then allow for the one individual we wanted to see her interact with leave? This situation should never have been allowed to happen…” 

And Kalo-todo asked a great question… Why did they keep acting like Strand’s Tower was their only chance at survival if they could have at least tried to sail away at any time? Shouldn’t they have at least tried that first before deciding to go to war? 

Overall, this was a disappointing episode in terms of storyline and character motivations. But Debnam-Carey managed to do a beautiful job anyway, proving what a great actor she is. 

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