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Family Friendly Homestead Series Aims for 2024 Release

Homestead Neal McDonough

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If you’re looking for a clean post-apocalyptic story that focuses on surviving a nuclear holocaust from a prepper family’s point of view, and steers clear of excessive gore and horror elements, you might be interested in the upcoming series Homestead.

Billed as “The Last of Us meets Lost in Space meets Seal Team,” Homestead aims to show the good in humanity “without making your stomach churn.” It’s the story of a group of survivors hunkering down in the family’s permaculture homestead after a nuclear attack. But as the community grows, they find themselves dividing over many of the same things that separated them before the end of the world. “Outside the gates, desperate neighbors, criminals, and opportunistic rivals look to The Homestead’s resources as a treasure trove,” the show’s creators describe. “Inside, the community divides into factions: military versus civilian, compassionate versus practical, spiritual versus rational. These groups clash over every fatality, every demand of survival, and over the strange prophecies of Jeff’s adopted daughter.”

“We believe that this story’s action-packed apocalyptic thrills combined with redemptive characters and hopeful themes make this a unique series,” they continue. “Homestead will show the good in humanity, be they Christian or atheist, compassionate or practical, prepared or untrained.”

The series is based on the best-selling 10-book fiction series Black Autumn by Jeff Kirkham, Jason Ross, and Jayson Orvis, who also serves as co-creator for the show itself, along with Ben Kasica. The duo snagged Hollywood alum Neal McDonough in the lead role, which is quite a feat for this type of grass-roots production. McDonough has starred in everything from Yellowstone to Minority Report to Band of Brothers and much more.

If you’re interested in getting into the investment side of the show’s production, you can check out its campaign at Angel Funding, where you can become everything from a name in the credits to an Executive Producer for the show’s first season. You can also subscribe to the show’s updates from that page, as well as read through the campaign’s FAQ that gives info on everything from a predicted return on investment to an episode goal based on the material in the book series (they’re hoping for 5-8 seasons!)

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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