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Surprise Fallout 76 Trailer Airs During Microsoft E3 Event: See Photos & Video Here

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OH MY GOSH. We heard the news about Halo Infinite, another post-apoc game we are so excited about, and ran to the livestream of Microsoft’s E3 event to try to get more details. But instead, we found ourselves tuning in just in time to see a trailer for the new Fallout 76. REVEALED DURING A MICROSOFT EVENT. What the heck?!

Here’s a video, and photos are next:

Here are photos that I grabbed super fast while it aired. OH MY GOSH.

More details coming soon. All photos are courtesy of Bethesda. 

During the surprise announcement, they said this will be four times bigger than other Fallout games. HOW?!




Wait, what? Are we rebuilding America? They made it sound that way. Eek!


Yes, “Country Roads” was the main song for the trailer.

So much detail.



I don’t know. I grabbed this photo too:

Everyone was shocked when THIS happened:

I think we’re emerging right after the bombs.

Oh my gosh!

Wait, make that DURING the bombs?

 It actually looked later like the protagonist found this guy’s suit when he emerged from the vault. 


More photos incoming!


This is Derek, SO excited about the announcement! He was dressed for the occasion too!

Can’t wait to get this! You can pre-order it on Amazon (and get a discount!) here.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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