Endgame ARG: A Roundup of Stella’s Latest Clues & Riddles

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First, let’s take a look at the new video she’s posted, along with a little commentary. It’s a little longer: 5:32.

Francesco says: 7606780912 “I still don’t think you guys have figured out this one.”

Do you recall the origins of these numbers? Think back to the magic show video….

The numbers were in the video, and were a phone number you could call to get the weblink, which led you to the PTSD video. Well, it’s not a secret anymore because the PTSD video is available for everyone and posted on the Ancient Societies website.

The real question is whether there is more to these numbers than originally figured out. The latitude and longitude lead to an elephant reserve in Sri Lanka. But maybe the clue is just for people who haven’t figured out the answer yet?

Note: You can see the tattoo again on her arm. Alert readers have pointed out that the actress had the tattoo before this ARG and you can see it in some of her other photos with the actor from Hercules, like here (UPDATE: link no longer working.) If you solve the first challenge below, you’ll learn more about the tattoo. 🙂 (Speaking of tattoos, remember how they handled Jack’s tattoo on Lost? Ugh, I actually want to forget that one.)

[Tweet “At least Stella’s Endgame tattoo won’t end up like Jack’s Lost tattoo!”]

The newest Stella challenges are:


You can find the challenge here.

The first part’s not too hard. Think scientific calculator… The middle part is the toughest, but a quick Wiki search might help you. 😉

By the way, just a quick reminder that the website to get to the clue is I briefly forgot and was spelling it wrong — caused many headaches! 😀


You can find the challenge here.

This one’s difficult, but not impossible. Need some hints? Here ya go. 🙂

Look for the names of ancient lines and don’t worry about typos. What’s leftover? Is there a word (proper noun) you can take out? After that, what remains? Think Roman numerals. Your answer will be a number followed by the proper noun.

By the way — where you go once you solve this isn’t the answer by itself… Look for metadata. 🙂

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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