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Bella-Gate and Nikki-Gate: Hidden Secrets & Plans in Utopia

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Those of you who don’t watch the live feeds may have no idea what’s really going on in Fox’s Utopia. The producers tend to cut things for the broadcast show that give off a very different impression from reality. (Well “reality,” haha.)

Bella’s a little off her rocker sometimes, but she’s funny & entertaining. I really don’t want her to leave. Just check out this video of her talking to cows:

Come on, are you going to tell me that’s not entertaining? 😀

Nikki-Gate aka “Rattle Nikki” 

Aaron, Kristen and Mike really had it in for Nikki. I mean, seriously bad, negative stuff. They wanted to drive her crazy & off the show via a plan they dubbed “Rattle Nikki.” Essentially, Aaron (the “chef”) was secretly feeding her food she was allergic to. Kristen was deleting emails from people requesting yoga classes from her. Aaron was doing mean things to her when he knew the camera’s weren’t watching them. And it went on and on and on…

[Tweet “Aaron was secretly feeding Nikki food she’s allergic to on #Utopia.”]

Oh, and did I mention that Aaron was thinking about sneaking maggots into her food?!

This morning, he apparently complained that she took a little more than one cup of oatmeal. She shot back that he eats more than his share all the time. And it’s true. Aaron was stealing food while he was cooking it for Rob’s wedding, and then got on everyone’s case for not letting the guests eat first.

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Cal came onto the scene and they backed off of Nikki a bit. But I think you know from my last post that Cal isn’t much of an improvement. :-/


So, apparently the tides are turning against Bella again. From yesterday’s live feed, we saw that a lot of people are planning on voting Bella off next time. (Why not Aaron?! Or Mike? Ugh.) In the meantime, they’re encouraging her to make a lot of paintings so they can sell the paintings for profit after she’s kicked off. Even Rob is on this one, sadly. They tricked her into making a painting in exchange for computer time, so they can sell it after they vote her off.

[Tweet “Utopians are getting Bella’s paintings to sell after she’s kicked off.”]

Really, the show is turning into a lot of bullying. And I guess this is a good thing to keep in mind… If you’re ever thrust into a post-apocalyptic world, be careful who you trust. :-/

If you could kick someone off the show, which of the Utopians would it be?


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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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