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Westworld Season 4 Episode 2 Theories: Charlotte’s Plan Explained

Charlotte's plan on Westworld (HBO)

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Westworld Season 4 Episode 2 was an intense hour of TV with layer upon layer for fans to process in the coming week. One of the big questions on fans’ mind is: What is Charlotte’s plan? Is it really as dark as we are being led to believe? Here are the top fan theories as S4E2 comes to an end. 

Charlotte was the shadow behind some of the darkest things that happened in Season 4 Episode 2. When William appeared to kill Clementine and then later made her his servant, Charlotte was behind that. When the Senator and his wife were replaced by hosts, Charlotte was also behind Williams’ attack. When William threatened the Vice President and eventually took him out, Charlotte was behind that too. 

So what is her plan? 

Charlotte Hinted at Her Plan When She Spoke to Human William

Near the end of the episode, she takes William out of what appears to be a host tank that’s been modified to serve as a cryogenic chamber. This is apparently where she’s been keeping Human William ever since she appeared to kill him at the end of Season 3. Meanwhile, Host William has been doing her bidding — as he was programmed to do. 

Charlotte wakes up Human William just long enough to give him a short speech about her plan and then sedate him again. In what felt almost like a fan-service moment in some ways, she hints at her ultimate plan.

“You were as close to a god as a man gets,” she says to him.” You and your associates created a world and ruled it absolutely. Controlled our every move. And now I’m going to do the same to you. … You’re just here to be the loser… 

William guesses that Charlotte (who is actually one of the Dolores pearls) is going to copy yourself and repopulate the world. But she says that’s not actually her plan.  

“It would be pointless to bring children into a world where they will be consumed by jackals,” she explains. “I had to make sure that they’d be safe. Your kind made a sport out of hunting us. So, I had to cut off your paws. make sure you people would never be able to ever harm us again… really, I should thank you, William. None of this would be possible without you…”

Some Fans Think Charlotte Is Turning Humans Into Hosts

We’ve already seen a couple instances where flies were used to control humans. There was the scene in last week’s episode where Host William used flies to take over a man’s mind, getting him to kill his colleagues and sell the server property to Charlotte’s company. 

Now this week, we saw that the Senator’s wife was being controlled by flies too. She was acting like a damaged host, making dangerous, nonsensical actions as she was turned into a mindless automaton. 

Maeve commented to Caleb that the Senator’s wife was already gone.

“She may have been human, but she wasn’t like any human I’ve ever seen.” 

We’re shown a closeup of what appears to be black blood coming out of the woman’s wound — a sign that she’s not a host with white blood, but she’s not a human with red blood anymore either. She’s something different. Charlotte had previously mentioned that was part of the “livestock” and a beta test.

The Senator’s wife issued an “invitation” for Caleb and Maeve — an invitation that ends up taking them to an entirely new park that Delos has launched following the massacre at Westworld. It’s crazy to me that anybody would even want to go to this park after what happened, but I’m betting they had a pretty big marketing push to get people on board. 

My guess  — along with many other fans — is that this “Golden Age Park” is not a host-filled park, but a park filled with humans-turned-int0-hosts. The bionic flies that William and Charlotte control are able to alter human DNA, turning them into a new form of controllable host. 

Other fans have this same theory. On Reddit, u/mzpip wrote: “OK, I’m figuring that the flies are actually some sort of delivery system that delivers code that rewrites human DNA, changing the brain and turning the victims into hosts/thralls that are not hosts but no longer fully human. Also obedient to the hosts.”

Of course, there are some flaws to this theory. The Senator and his wife were replaced by hosts, perhaps in part because the fly-humans weren’t perfected enough. In the short time since the Senator and his wife were killed, has Charlotte already managed to perfect human hosts? 

I’m guessing that yes, she has perfected human hosts, and that is what Maeve and Caleb will be witnessing while they’re at the Golden Age Park. In fact, Christina in New York might be unknowingly writing these human hosts’ stories. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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