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New Chainsaw Man Sub & Dub Trailers & Cast Updates Revealed

Chainsaw Man (Crunchyroll)

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Are you ready for when Chainsaw Man premieres on Crunchyroll on October 11? The hype for the new anime is real. And to help build up the hype, two new trailers for the anime were just released: a dub trailer and a sub trailer. 

The New Sub Trailer Reveals New Characters & Part of the Opening Theme

The new sub trailer has just been released, and it reveals more about the anime than we knew before. You can watch it below. 

The sub trailer includes a brief glimpse at the new opening theme, “Kick Back,” by Kenshi Yonezu. 

It also introduces new characters not yet seen in the trailers, along with giving us more scenes with Denji and Makima. 

A New Dub Trailer Was Also Revealed

The sub trailer was released during the special MAPPA event where a few lucky people actually got to see the first episode. (It was in Japanese, without subtitles.) 

But a new dub trailer was also released, hinting that we might get a dub of Chainsaw Man sooner than we expect. You can watch the dub trailer below.

This is a dub version of the subtitled trailer that was already released. But it’s fascinating because not only are we learning about the English cast, but it may also indicate the dubs are further along than I had guessed. With Attack on Titan, Crunchyroll releases the dubs about a month after the subs air. But could it be sooner for Chainsaw Man?

According to Anime News Network, the English dub of the first episode will be released early on October 7 at 12:45 p.m. Eastern at the New York Comic Con, which takes place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on the Empire Stage. This leads me to believe there’s a good chance we’ll get the dubs maybe even at the same time as the subs.

Crunchyroll confirmed with Post Apocalyptic Media that the Chainsaw Man sub is premiering on October 11, although the exact time isn’t yet known. However, Crunchyroll could not yet confirm with us a date for the dub’s official release on their streaming service.

Here’s the English Cast for the Dub

Chainsaw Man (Crunchyroll)
Chainsaw Man (Crunchyroll)

In an article, Crunchyroll revealed the English cast for the dubs at the same time that the trailer was released. The article noted: 

  • Ryan Colt Levy (Rody in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission) as Denji
  • Suzie Yeung (Lena in 86 EIGHTY-SIX) as Makima
  • Sarah Wiedenheft (Tohru in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) as Power
  • Reagan Murdock (Alvin in Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer!) as Aki

I’m a big fan of Eighty-Six, so I’m excited to see a cast member from that anime joining the Chainsaw Man cast. I just hope they still do a Season 2 of Eighty-Six. I’ve been waiting a long time for that news. 

Crunchyroll also plans to make dubs in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German for Chainsaw Man. 

The series will first air on TV in Japan on October 11, followed by dropping on Crunchyroll. I’ve also seen word that it’s airing in some countries on Amazon Prime video, but I don’t know if the U.S. is included in that group. 

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