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Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 4 Full Ending Song & English Lyrics

Chainsaw Man Ending Song Episode 4 (MAPPA)

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Once again, Chainsaw Man shared a new ending song for Episode 4. And every week, it feels like we’re seeing one of the best ending songs yet! Here’s a look at the ending song for Episode 4, including the full version of the song and the English lyrics. Read on to watch the videos and see the lyrics. 

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Here’s the Video for the Ending Song by Tooboe

Chainsaw Man Episode 4’s ending song is by Tooboe. Here’s the official video as shared by MAPPA. The video is 1:29 in length.

And here’s a link to where you can play the song on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, and more.

The title is roughly translated to mean “Tablet,” according to Google Translate. It’s also referred to as Jouzai. 

Chainsaw Man’s official webpage describes Tooboe this way (per a rough attempt by Google Translate): “With his characteristic voice and catchy, addictive songs, he is a multi-artist who crosses over and expresses the Internet scene in modern music and J-Pop. The representative song ‘Harunarashi’ under the name of ‘john’ has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube, and the total number of views on YouTube of ‘Pure White’ and ‘Paresis’, which were provided to the singer ‘yama’, who is attracting attention for the new generation, has reached 20 million views. exceed.”

English Lyrics to the Ending Song

Chainsaw Man (MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man (MAPPA)

Tooboe has not yet released official lyrics for the ending song, or a longer version of the song on their YouTube channel. However, LyricsKpop has a very rough English-translated version here, and you can also see the romanized lyrics for Jouzai here. Their Google translation corresponds well with the one provided by LyricsKpop, but there are slight differences. 

Here are some of the translated lyrics, with different versions provided from different sources mentioned above. Note that these are just rough translations, and we will share a better version once it’s available. 

A round moon, investigation line, a skyscraper entwined with electric wires

Blond hair fluttering, looked down on and eaten [or “a round moon, swallowed and eaten by blonde hair…]

You’re hiding dirt that won’t go away even when it rains

Venus, who broke her common sense, is grinning [or “I’ve ruined my common sense, I’m smiling and smiling”]

With big perfectly round eyes that don’t even understand good and evil [ or “With those big, perfectly round eyes that can’t even get through”]

The lunatic devil who dances, I’m sure you’ll dance until you get tired [or: The crazy, talkative demon dances, I’m sure you’ll dance until you give up.]

Red dissolved tablet [or pill]

It was filled with the sour smell of blood again


I cling to love and fall, but even so, my heart is floating [or excited]

Impulsive and a little hot, you are beautiful 

Hey, the momentary youth that fades into the night, I felt like it started in this moment. [this is talking about momentary, fleeting youth and a coming opportunity; however, a different translation implies it might be: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I feel like it’s starting this season…]

All I can do is get rid of boredom, life doesn’t end until I die [something about getting rid of boredom and living a harmonious life]

The scream I heard that day won’t stop ringing in my eardrums

It’s burning hot in my head I lost all my precious things [It’s hot enough to burn my head; all the important people are gone]

Gunshots in the middle of the night [A gunshot made me cry in the middle of the night]

The moment it pierced my heart [chest], I realized that I was alive

My heart is trembling

I’m searching for love again without discipline [I’m looking for love without even bothering]

Earth-shattering, until the day I meet an unprecedented demon [Up to the cost of meeting an unprecedented demon]

Hey, don’t forget my existence

Ah, how about a movie tomorrow? [When tomorrow comes, even movies will be clowns]

Think again, you want to be strong [Please think about it again, I want to get stronger]

Get rid of control and be free [Let go of control and be free]

[chorus again]

Before I knew it, I started wishing for your happiness, ah please stay by my side like this… [If I get hurt, I’ll wish for your happiness. Come on, stay by side.]

Please note that the translations above are rough translations (one with the aid of Google translate.) We’ll update this when a better or more official one becomes available. 

On the official Chainsaw Man webpage, Tooboe said about his ending song: “My work has a lot of influence from Mr. Tatsuki Fujimoto. Denji-kun’s looser feeling stuck in my heart, and the explosion scene of Sayonara Eri made my eyes sparkle with joy. I never thought that three years later, he would be involved in the work as the ending song. I am very honored. I would like to enjoy Chainsaw Man’s anime with everyone like me who has been addicted to reading.”

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