Could a Bernie-Clinton Coin Toss Determine the Apocalypse?

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Who won the Iowa caucus – Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? Wasn’t it a tie? What if we were teetering on the edge of an apocalypse, and it all depended on whether Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton won? With both of them neck-in-neck and cries of voter fraud filling social media, what if the universe could split into two “parallels” depending on who wins, and we could see both results? With one ending in an apocalypse? I don’t plan on ever sharing political viewpoints here, so don’t bother trying to guess who I support among the zillions of candidates right now. But every time something happens that is this close, my imagination likes to wander and I like to wonder… I mean, whoever wins this will gain a lot of momentum.

What if…

What if this was that defining moment? (Oh, and it looks like that defining moment may have been decided with a coin toss in Precinct 70, which makes the whole thing reminiscent of the “parallel-universes-split-because-of-a-coin-toss-thing” a la Community.)

I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Patrick Wiggen on Twitter pointed out that the 1993 “Jump Raven” PC game actually refers to a post-apocalyptic world where Hillary Clinton is president. Hmmm…

And others feel the same:

But of course, we have to be “fair and balanced” and share similar thoughts from people about Bernie:

And this one’s kind of funny:

What do you think? Post-Apocalyptic Bernie or Post-Apocalyptic Clinton?

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