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Bernard’s ‘Reach With Your Left Hand’ Video Explained [Westworld S4E7]

Bernard on Westworld (HBO)

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In Season 4 Episode 7 of Westworld, there’s a strange moment where Bernard appears to be recording a video while instructing someone to “reach with your left hand.” What was he saying? What was the meaning of the video and who was he leaving the message for? Here are the top fan theories that explain the meaning behind this message. 

Note: This article has MAJOR spoilers for Westworld Season 4 Episode 7. So don’t read on unless you’ve seen the episode. 

Here’s Exactly What Bernard Said

Westworld S4E7 (HBO)
Westworld S4E7 (HBO)

Bernard ran thousands (or more) simulations in the Sublime before he discovered the one and only path that would allow a small portion of the world (presumably both hosts and humans) to not be entirely wiped out. 

Unfortunately, he hinted that this path required his own death. 

Just before he knew that William was going to come and shoot and kill him, Bernard was recording a video message for someone. It’s just not clear who. 

Here’s what Bernard was saying: 

There’s time only for one more game if you choose to give her that choice.

You can’t miss. Reach with your left hand.

So of course, now we’re left wondering who he was talking to  — and who is supposed to “possibly” be given one more choice. 

And we’re also left wondering if Bernard is even truly dead. We saw Bernard and Maeve get shot through the head and die in S4E7. But we also saw that they opened the door to the Sublime shortly before it happened. So it’s entirely possible that they uploaded into the Sublime before they died. Maybe humans and hosts alike are doing that. 

Who Was Bernard Speaking To?

There are a number of theories seeking to explain who Bernard left that message for. 

Theory 1: The Message Is for Someone Grabbing the Gun at the Dam

Quite a few viewers noticed that Bernard left a gun at the dam. Is it possible this video is about that gun? 

Redditor u/YellsAboutMakingGifs commented: “Bernard giving someone instructions on how to quickly grab the gun he hid at the damn. I don’t know who, but they’re gonna reach with their left, grab it and do something important. I gaurantee it.

I 100% believe this theory is true. Someone is going to confront William at the dam, and thanks to Bernard’s message, they will know where the gun is so they can deal the winning blow. 

Theory 2: The Message Is for Himself in the Sublime

Some fans think Bernard was leaving that message for himself in the Sublime. They say that he and Maeve uploaded versions of themselves into the Sublime so they could live on even after they are killed. 

U/StockTalkAccount wrote that Bernard was “recording a message to send, no doubt to himself in the sublime to say he ‘succeeded.'” 

Theory 3: The Message Is for Hale

Quite a few fans think the message is for Hale (aka Halores.) I’m having a tough time with that one. Why would Bernard be giving Hale a message to help her out, when his entire purpose is to thwart her plan to destroy humanity? 

My guess is that Hale is the person who might be given one more chance, but not the recipient of his video message. 

But others disagree. Redditor u/Adept-Car_9997 believes that Hale will wake up and won’t truly be dead. She won’t like the idea of William killing hosts in the Sublime or destroying the Sublime completely, so she’ll see the message and know to reach for the gun to kill William while they’re fighting at the door to the Sublime. 

Theory 4: The Message Is for Christina

This is an interesting twist, since at the moment Christina is nowhere near the dam and can’t even interact with anyone in the “real world.” 

But some fans think this is Bernard’s message to Christina, once she finally fully self-actualizes back into Dolores. Some people who buy into this theory also believe that Teddy is Bernard in disguise, to make things even more complicated. 

Theory 5: The Message Is for Maeve

Others think the message is for Maeve, and that she is the one seen holding the tablet in the preview. Yes, Maeve was killed in this episode. But these fans think she is still alive somewhere in the Sublime and is coming back. 

Theory 6: The Message Is for Caleb, Frankie or Stubbs

I’m grouping these three together since they are traveling together during this latest episode. This is also the theory that I’m leaning most heavily toward. The message is either for Caleb, Frankie, or Stubbs. Perhaps they will make their way to the room where William shot and killed Bernard, and find the tablet he left behind with the message. 

I’m leaning toward Stubbs, since Stubbs has been following Bernard’s direction all this time, and it makes since for Bernard to leave his last instructions to Stubbs. 

But Frankie is another great choice, since Bernard knows she’s been fighting the revolution for a long time. 

Caleb makes the least sense, considering that I’m not even certain if he and Bernard interacted all that much before. (Did they? It’s tough to recall.) 

My vote is for Stubbs or Frankie. What do you think? 

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