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Attack on Titan S4E3 Ending: Bandaged Man’s Identity Revealed [With Proof]

Who is this man?

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Wondering about the identity of the man who was bandaged and talking to Falco at the end of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3? We’ll tell you who the wounded veteran is right below. In fact, the episode clearly identified him at one point, but you might have missed it. But first, a required disclaimer.

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This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 3, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

The Bandaged Man’s Identity Was Revealed at the End of the Episode

The bandaged, wounded veteran that we see at the end of the episode talking to Falco in Season 4 Episode 3 is Eren.

If you were thrown off because he’s missing part of his leg, that’s understandable. But it’s been four years since the last time we saw Eren. It’s quite possible that by this time, he has much better command of his powers — including his regeneration skills. So he may be using the war injury as a way of deepening his cover. Considering that this episode revealed two interesting takes on fake cover stories (Annie’s cover to Kenny and the source of Bertholdt’s and Reiner’s cover) it’s fitting that another big cover story was revealed in the episode too.


We were given clues last week, but they were more subtle. Reiner talked about a fool who always rushed ahead, bringing back thoughts of Eren while, in reality, Eren was very close to Reiner. Also, Eren didn’t seem as scared when the Marley soldier yelled “BOOM” as the other Eldians were. Something was different about him from the start.


But in Episode 3, the show made it absolutely clear — without question — that the bandaged, wounded veteran is Eren. And it wasn’t because of his green eyes and his dark brown hair. When talking to Falco, Eren actually quoted something that Reiner said to him — and that we saw a flashback of earlier in this episode.


Eren tells Falco at the end: “That something wasn’t their choice. Their situation or others made them do it. But people who push their own backs see a different kind of hell. They can see something beyond the hell. It might be hope. It may even be another hell. Only those who keep moving forward will ever know.”

One phrase in his answer is identical to the flashback we saw earlier in the episode with Reiner talking to Eren, when Eren asked how he is able to do what he does (before Eren knew the truth about Reiner.) Reiner was thinking of those words when he decided not to kill himself in present-day. Reiner told Eren: “Just do what you’ve gotta do. Keep moving forward.”

Attack on Titan (Hulu)

Eren took Reiner’s advice to heart and he is now moving forward and going undercover just like Reiner did.

And if “Keep moving forward” wasn’t enough of a clue, they also showed us Eren’s eye up close and the SAME eye up close in that last scene.

Attack on Titan (Hulu)

It’s clearly Eren that we are seeing, and he has infiltrated Reiner’s hometown just like Reiner infiltrated his.

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