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Awake is the Sleepless Apocalypse You Fear the Most

Awake Movie

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Imagine if the two most precious things in the world suddenly went away. No, I’m not talking about anyone in your family; I’m talking about sleep and electronics!

That’s basically the plot of the upcoming Netflix original movie Awake. After a devastating world event knocks out all electronics (including cars) and the ability to sleep, the world turns into an insomniac hell where no one can check their Tik Tok. The humanity!

Gina Rodriguez plays Jill, a former soldier whose daughter, Matilda (played by Love and Monsters‘ Ariana Greenblatt), is the only person known to have the ability to sleep. As you can imagine, everyone wants to find out why, so Jill must keep her daughter safe from the crazies. Think of it as a combination of Children of Men and Bird Box.


Awake also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barry Pepper, and Shamier Anderson and is directed by Mark Raso.

is scheduled to hit Netflix on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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