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How to Watch Attack on Titan’s Season 4 Episode 28 English Dub Online

attack on titan episode 28

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If you’re a dub viewer, then you still get to enjoy the Attack on Titan journey for Season 4 Part 2! Here are all the details on how to stream Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28’s dub online. There are two different ways to watch the English dub of Episode 87, and we’ve got all the details.

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Stream the Attack on Titan Episode 87 English Dub on Crunchyroll

You can watch Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28’s English dub on Crunchyroll starting Sunday night, May 1st, at 9:30 p.m. Central/10:30 p.m. Eastern/8:30 p.m. Mountain/7:30 p.m. Pacific/3:30 a.m. UTC. This is confirmed by both a Funimation representative and Crunchyroll’s online schedule. 

You can watch the English dub of Episode 87 on Crunchyroll at this link

While Funimation is also an option, that service will be phased out in the future. Funimation recently bought Crunchyroll and the two services are merging under the Crunchyroll banner. This is why the dubs are now available on Crunchyroll too. Ultimately, Funimation will be phased out and Crunchyroll will be the only location for Attack on Titan dubs. 

As a side note: there were some concerns Crunchyroll would delay the dub a week since the sub finale was also delayed a week, but the network confirmed with PostApocalyptic Media that it would be airing tomorrow night. (Phew!)

You Can Watch the English Dub on Toonami Late Saturday Night with a Cable Subscription

If your cable or satellite subscription includes the Cartoon Network (which is the same as Adult Swim/Toonami), then you can watch the English dub earlier than your Crunchyroll counterparts. It will air late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, depending on which time zone you’re in. But this is only available to people with cable/satellite subscriptions that include the Cartoon Network.

According to Toonami’s schedule, Season 4 Episode 28 (“The Dawn of Humanity”) airs on TV at 12:30 a.m. Eastern on Sunday, May 1st. In other time zones, this is 11:30 p.m. Central on Saturday night, May 1st, and 9:30 p.m. Pacific on Saturday night.

If you missed it, it will likely be available on Demand with whichever cable service you’re using. If you prefer streaming, you can also try Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, AT&T Now, and YouTube TV services, as long your package includes access to the Cartoon Network. (Note that this is Hulu with Live TV, not the regular Hulu service.)

You can see Toonami’s schedule here. Clicking on the Attack on Titan link on Toonami takes you to Adult Swim’s page here. Season 4 Episode 28 will be added at this link (after it has streamed on TV), but you’ll need a cable login to watch. 

Season 4 Episode 27 Refresher

Read our full review of last week’s episode, “Retrospective,” here. Below is a quick recap.

“Retrospective” provided some of the most beautiful (and haunting) animation sequences of the season.  The fight lasts for all of the episode, and serves as a chilling reminder of how horrific war can be. 

The Jaegerists are able to hold their own better, after years spent fighting right alongside Hange and others. But in the end, they’re no match for the other Titans (Reiner, Annie, and Pieck), especially once Falco joins them. It’s heartbreaking to see so many die, even if they were not on the right side. This episode gave us another glimpse into why they’re fighting and what they believe.

The Rumbling, meanwhile, is moving fast. By the time they’re able to take off with the Hizuru boat, Liberio will already be destroyed. To save some time, they plan to drag the boat to the mainland and fix it there, because they can only hold out against the Jaegerists for so long. 

One of the people who died in this episode was Floch, another victim to Gabi’s amazing sharpshooter skills. He thought he was sacrificing himself to save Paradis, but it was not meant to be. 

One of the more compelling (and intriguing) parts of the episode was Falco’s transformation. Against Pieck’s better judgment (first transformations can be difficult), he wanted to save his comrades and get right in the fight. He was powerful in his Jaw Titan form, which closely resembled a bird, interestingly enough. But he ended up attacking Pieck in a frenzy, reminiscent of some of the frenzies that Eren found himself caught up in early on in his transformation. It was Magath who had to cut him out and save him. 

In the end, it was Magath and Shadis who saved the group. The crew took off and Magath stayed behind, ready to blow up the only boat that could catch up to them. Shadis, who had already blown up the train tracks, helped him. He is an unsung hero, for no one will know what he did in the very end. 

As the episode concludes, Annie confronts Mikasa again about whether or not she will be able to kill Eren  — or if she’ll at least be able to stop herself from stopping Annie from doing the same. It’s really not clear where Mikasa is going to land when (or if) that time comes. Annie is tired of killing people, including Eren, and just wants the battles to be over. 

It was a hauntingly beautiful episode, the perfect segue to the Season 4 Part 2 finale. 

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