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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 22: Live Countdown to Premiere

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 22

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 22 will first air on Sunday, February 13, 2022. (And yes, that’s the same day as the Super  Bowl!) Also known as Episode 81 on some streaming services, the new episode is called “Thaw.” You’ll no doubt want to start watching the newest episode right away so you’re not spoiled on anything, so we’ve provided a countdown to the episode’s premiere below.

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Attack on Titan Countdown Timer for S4E2

Season 4 Episode 22 (the English subtitled version) will premiere at 12:45 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, February 13 (2:45 p.m. Central/3:45 p.m. Eastern) in the United States.

We’ve provided a timer from from TickCounter embedded below.

The timer is counting down to the time the episode with English subtitles will be available in the United States on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Sometimes, one of the streaming platforms might delay the episode’s premiere because of overloaded servers. But if everything works correctly, then the time above is when it should be available for you to watch.

A version without subtitles will drop a few hours earlier on NHK in Japan. Sometimes, fans will will put up temporary fan-made subtitles before the official version drops in the U.S., but these typically aren’t as accurate as the official one. It’s best to wait for the official subtitled episode to drop on Funimation, Hulu, or Crunchyroll.

If the above timer doesn’t work, we have another that you can use in the next section below.

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Here’s a Backup Countdown Timer

If for any reason the above countdown timer doesn’t work for you, then this next live countdown below is a good one to try. This one is from This one may not always be responsive to different devices, so if it doesn’t show up as well on your screen, try holding your device horizontally instead of vertically.

When Attack on Titan airs, you can watch it on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu in the United States. Funimation may sometimes get the new episode just a few seconds to a couple of minutes before Crunchyroll or Hulu on occasion, but this isn’t guaranteed. If you’re not a Funimation subscriber, you can sign up here.

Read our review of last week’s here.

A brief synopsis of last week with spoilers is below.

We finally learned the secret of Founder Ymir’s history and how the Titans began, and it was nothing like we expected.

When Ymir was just a child happily living in her village and trying to be kind to everyone, the war-mongering Eldian tribe destroyed her village and took all the inhabitants as slaves. They intermarried within the tribe and forced everyone into subjugation, led by the original soon-to-be King Fritz. When Ymir was wrongfully blamed for a pig getting loose, the Eldians tried to kill her by hunting her like an animal. She fled into a tree, fell down the roots and into a tributary of water below. Inside was a glowing, parasitic spine which latched onto her and turned her into the Founder Titan.

Even as a powerful Titan, Ymir allowed herself to continue serving as a slave to Fritz. She bore him three children and used her power to subjugate more people, including waging a war on the neighboring Marleyan nation.

She died flinging herself in front of a spear that was meant for King Fritz. He fed her body to her three children — Maria, Rose, and Sina. We were left to assume that those three gained her powers (or a split of them) and then when their descendants ate them, that’s how we ended up with the nine sentient Titans.

Now Ymir lives in the afterlife of the Paths, still acting as a slave and building each Titan that’s created by hand with bucket fulls of sand.

In the present-day paths, Zeke commanded Ymir to take away the Eldians’ ability to reproduce. But Eren told her that she didn’t have to listen to anyone but herself, and that he had gotten the message she had sent him from 2,000 years earlier. She chose to give him the power of the Founder, and Eren emerged in a new, terrifying form in the “real world.” He began the Rumbling and called all Eldians into the Path with him to hear his message. He informed them that he planned to kill and destroy everyone outside of the shores of Paradis, because only then would they be safe.

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