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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11: Clues & Spoilers from the Preview

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 11

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 10 has scarcely aired, and we’re already ready to watch Episode 11, “Counterfeit.” When are we going to learn more about this Rumbling and how it works? What did Zeke and Eren talk about? Here’s what we know so far about the new episode, based on clues left in the preview. Please note that this does NOT include spoilers from the manga, since this is a manga-free article.

This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 10 and theories based on the Episode 11 trailer, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

Here’s the Trailer for Season 4 Episode 11

Clues from the Trailer

First, we learn that Gabi and Falco somehow escaped prison. That is most definitely NOT a good thing, since Gabi is still obsessed with wanting to kill Eren. However, I’m holding out hope still that Zeke’s involvement with Paradis will somehow help Gabi to see the truth.


Next the preview tells us: “Without a clue of where they should go, they received help. And it was from none other than the devils they despise.”

During this part, we see Gabi grabbing Falco’s shirt, enraged at him.


The absolute fury in her face mirrors what we used to see when Eren was about her age. Sadly, some of her rage is even directed at Falco, who has only wanted to help her.


But they end up getting fed and sheltered by an unexpected couple after they escape.


I believe this couple is Sasha’s family, and perhaps Gabi looks so shocked because she realizes that she’s being cared for by the parents of the woman she murdered. What I can’t figure out is who the person is in the right corner of the screenshot below. It’s not Falco because they appear to have long blonde hair. Historia maybe? Oh wait, no, it’s Sash’a little sister.


Check out the screenshot below from Episode 9, when Sasha’s family visited her grave and talked to Nicolo. There’s a young girl there with long blonde hair. Gabi definitely ends up with Sasha’s family.

Episode 9

So that leaves me wondering if maybe we’ll see Nicolo again, perhaps cooking for Sasha’s family, and he and Gabi will recognize each other.

That’s probably a bit of a stretch, however. Whatever happens, it’s not easy on Gabi.


Hange will also be in next week’s episode, according to the preview.


As will another character. I think this is Floch?


Sometimes it’s tough for me to identify characters with their glow-ups from Season 3, but this looks like Floch, at least according to this tweet comparing him from one season to the new one.

We saw him in the night raid on Marley, and he’s been part of the Scout Regiment for a long time.

If you recall, he was the one who argued passionately to have Erwin receive the Titan serum and not Armin. He was very angry at the time about Armin being the choice. He’s known for being quite blunt, so if he encounters Gabi he definitely won’t hold anything back.

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