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Attack on Titan S4E24: Who Was Watching from the Window?

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In Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 24 (aka Episode 83, “Pride”), there’s a moment when someone is seen watching Annie and the others from a window, but we’re not told who. It seems important, but it’s unclear how this will play into future episodes. Here are fans’ top theories about who the person in the window was.

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Annie Saw Someone as They Were Escaping

A big scene at the end of the episode shows Pieck attacking and supposedly swallowing Jean, just before Floch can kill Onyankopon. We see Jean push Floch out the way, supposedly saving his life. It’s all a distraction so that Armin, Annie, Mikasa, Falco, Gabi, and Connie can escape with weapons and food to help their revolution against Floch’s Jaegerist regime and Eren’s Rumbling.

But as they’re leaving Annie looks back.


She sees someone watching them from a tall window.


We briefly see things from that person’s perspective too.


Annie warns that someone is watching them.


Armin determines that they just need to keep moving with their plan.

Who was it?

Viewers Are Guessing Who It Was

Viewers have a lot of guesses about who it might have been.

Here’s a lighter version of the photo.


Some fans thought the person in the window might be Floch, since he had observed that Mikasa was missing after Pieck’s attack.

However, other fans think that Floch was not in the right location to be the person in the window.

This leads to a theory that the person in the window is Shaddis. The shape of his head certainly seems to match Shaddis.

However, the person in the window appears to be wearing a coat over a white shirt, which is in line with Floch’s (and others’) Survey Corps uniforms. The last time we saw Shaddis, he wasn’t wearing his jacket and just had on a white shirt. But it’s possible he put his jacket back on after his men left him, following his orders to pretend to join the Jaegerists.

I hope it’s Shaddis. I’m not sure how his seeing them would play out in future episodes, since he seems to not have much power to do anything at the moment. But perhaps if he sees them leaving, he will be inspired to continue fighting within too. Or maybe it will just be comforting to him to know that some of his people are still living to continue the good fight.

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