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Attack on Titan’s Malaysia Manga Censors the Titans with Tiny, Tight Pants

Attack on Titan's Malaysia Censorship

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Apparently in Malaysia, some Attack on Titan manga publishers censor the Titans and put them in tiny, tight pants and bodysuits to avoid nudity. Not everyone who buys a manga copy in Malaysia will see this censorship, because it seems to vary by publisher. But a lot of fans are having fun with the idea of massive Titans wearing tiny, tight pants and shorts.

The news broke on both Reddit and Twitter. On Reddit, user flamingthunderbanana broke the news with a post on the TitanFolk subreddit, writing: “I want everyone to know that the titans are wearing tight pants in the Malaysian version due to local censorship law.” Of course, the post went viral.

Check out the tiny, tight pants on Malaysia's #AttackonTitan titans. 😄 Click To Tweet

You can read the thread here but beware: TitanFolk is a manga spoiler HEAVY subreddit, so you might not want to poke around any of the Reddit links here or below, unless you’ve read the manga.

The rest of this article will only include spoilers through Season 4 Episode 8 of Attack on Titan, and will not include manga spoilers beyond that point. However, don’t click on the Reddit links unless you’re OK with potential manga spoilers. 

Some Malaysia Censors Put the Titans in Tiny, Tight Pants

Here are the tiny tight pants as seen on Eren and the Warhammer Titan:


Of course, this is kind of ridiculous. Why would Titans wear pants? But it’s also really funny and going viral on social media fast.

However, according to Redditors and people on Twitter, this isn’t something you’ll see in every manga in Malaysia. Some are not censored and appear normal:

On Reddit, XNicTigX wrote: “Malaysian here, while I don’t read it on local magazines but yes the censorship laws here are strict af 🙄 However, rest assured the Titans have their original look if you get the actual volumes published by Kodansha.”

Of course, it’s also kind of funny that a Titan getting impaled is just fine, but a Titan without clothes is simply unacceptable. When I told my husband about this, he said that they are NeverNudes, which is true haha.

In Malaysia, the censored #AttackonTitan titans are #NeverNudes. 😄 Click To Tweet

FlamingThunderBanana wrote: “Yeah, it’s the censorship law there, pretty strict on nudity. Which completely backfired if you ask me since it emphasizes the titans ass way more.”

Redditor enperry13 added: “Oof, unfortunately this is real. Some other manga adapted locally in Malaysia, if they have a beach/summer scene, bikinis will be (poorly) redrawn into a one-piece swimsuit while bath scenes there will be extra (obviously added) bubbles and more poorly drawn towels to cover men’s private regions even if they’re not visible due to angle, steam and the strategically placed body parts.”

FlamingThunderBanana (it’s funny to write that over and over) also said that this particular censorship was seen in a manga purchased at Family Mart, while another Redditor who got an uncensored version said theirs was purchased at the Ioi Mall Anime Shop. So it appears that if you are in Malaysia and buy an international version, it won’t be censored. But if you buy from a local publisher, like Kreko, then it will be. (This isn’t confirmed, by the way, but this is what Redditors in Malaysia are surmising.)

Others have confirmed that Kreko censored quite a bit:

Here’s how Annie looks in the censored version:

On Twitter, WallyyTheGreat shared some photos too.

A Malaysia Poster Encouraged Putting Your Hand on Your Chest to Avoid COVID Spread

However, Malaysia’s use of Attack on Titan isn’t all bad. Check out this poster shared on Reddit four months ago. In it, Malaysia’s Ministry of Health encourages people to avoid spreading COVID-19 by greeting others with a hand on the chest, rather than with a fist bump.

Covid-19 poster from Malaysia Ministry of Health 😛 from ShingekiNoKyojin

Redditor ryanmononoke translated the poster as reading the following:

Although we haven’t confirmed the authenticity of this poster, I’m just going to assume it’s real because it’s amazing.

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