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Attack on Titan’s Changes to the Season 4 Part 2 Blu-Ray Include Uncensoring Scenes

Attack on Titan Blu Ray Changes

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The first half of the Attack on Titan Blu-Ray edition for Season 4 Part 2 has been released. Volume 3 covers the first half of the episodes in Season 4 Part 2, with Volume 4 being released at a later date. This new release has some pretty significant changes compared to what viewers saw on Funimation, Hulu, or Crunchyroll. Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes that MAPPA made.

This article is anime-focused only and contains no manga spoilers.

Some Mikasa Scenes Were Uncensored

Quite a few changes were made from the anime to the Blu-Ray edition. The Twitter account TOS (@Varmilion20) shared quite a few of the changes, which we’re also sharing below. Please note that the anime version is in the top of the tweets and the Blu-Ray version is the 2nd video in each of the tweets. 

One of the big changes was no longer censoring one of Mikasa’s kill scenes in the Blu-Ray. 

Here’s a screenshot of the big change: 

Mikasa scene is uncensored in the Blu-Ray of The Final Season (TV version VS Blu-Ray version comparison) from ShingekiNoKyojin

Not everyone agrees that this change was for the best. 

In a discussion, one Redditor wrote, “This is one of the changes where I prefer the original TV version. It’s more dramatic to have this moment in shadow.”

More Changes Were Made

Another change was made to how Eren appeared as he was grabbing at Ymir after Zeke ordered her to proceed with the euthanization plan. 

A big change was made to how Eren appeared when he called all the Eldians into the Paths. The Blu-Ray version has more of a staticky TV quality to the moment. 

An additional shot of the military police was added to the dark episode where Armin and Connie killed two Jaegerists. 

The shot in this scene was changed too. TOS wrote that the movement was “heavier” in the Blu-Ray version. 

The changes to Ymir’s original Titan are pretty astounding on the Blu-Ray: 

The Blu-Ray version makes her a lot more muscular, and her ribs spread out more in a way that’s reminiscent of Eren’s Founding Titan form. 

Another change was made to Grisha’s decisive moment against Frieda. More blood is added, and it looks like Grisha’s weapon that he cuts himself with is larger. 

Frieda’s coat was changed in that same scene to be less billowy. Her face was also changed. 

Frieda Reiss – TV vs Blu-Ray (BD) from ShingekiNoKyojin

Several Grisha scenes were changed. You can see some changes to the key Grisha held in the tweet below. 

Here’s another change:

Some minor changes were made to Episode 81. Note that although some of the tweets below say “potentially sensitive content,” they really aren’t – they’re just screenshots from Attack on Titan. 

Looks like the baby no longer has teeth here: 

This discussion shares photo changes from the episode “From You, 2000 Years Ago.” These photos are from a Reddit discussion here, but note this is in TitanFolk where manga spoilers are freely shared.


Also on TitanFolk, u/Takahashi-Jin wrote: “Don’t judge the blu-ray release based on screenshots alone. A lot of scenes got completely re-animated and are better in motion.” (Note once again that TitanFolk is spoiler heavy with manga spoilers.) 

Don’t judge the blu-ray release based on screenshots alone. A lot of scenes got completely re-animated and are better in motion from titanfolk

And here are some more summary photos comparing other scenes. Note once again that you can just click “view” to see the tweet if it’s shielded as “sensitive content” for you. The photos are just Attack on Titan screenshots. 

TOS does note that the new Blu-Ray that’s available doesn’t have English audio or subtitles, so it might not be time to run out and get your copy yet. 

The translated tweet reads: “The biggest drawback of Attack on Titan’s Japanese disc is that it doesn’t contain English audio and subtitles.”

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