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Apple Releases New Trailer for Tom Hanks’ Finch

Finch Trailer

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Apple has released a brand new promotional trailer for its upcoming post-apocalyptic drama Finch, and it’s pretty incredible.

This new trailer shows star Tom Hanks as he tells his story of survival through a cataclysmic event. “It all happened so fast,” his character, Finch, says in the trailer. “There was a solar flare. Goodbye crops and food. Goodbye everything.”

Finch hides out in some sort of bunker where he finds a dog named Goodyear. The two continue to form a strong bond until Finch realizes that his ailing health is not good news for Goodyear, who won’t have a caretaker after Finch dies.

So Finch creates a robot from scrap parts around the facility and tasks it with protecting Goodyear. The team of three sets off west across the country to escape a powerful storm that threatens their lives. Along the way, the robot (affectionately named Jeff) learns more about life as a human.

The trailer not only shows some gorgeous visuals and a badass monster RV that would fit right in to Immortan Joe’s fleet, but it also shows the movie’s sense of humor. It’s a buddy movie. It’s a roadtrip movie. It’s a dog movie!

“I learned to talk dog,” Jeff says, while Goodyear stares him down. “I don’t think it likes me.”

Finch warns of what lies beyond the mountains, like 150-degree heat, UV radiation and, the worst thing of all: people hiding in the shadows.

In addition to Tom Hanks, Finch also stars Caleb Landry Jones as Jeff, Samira Wiley as a survivor named Weaver, Laura Harrier as Linda, and Skeet Ulrich as Sam.

Finch will stream on AppleTV+ as an exclusive on November 5, 2021.

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