THE DOGS, A Webcomic



The War between the two galactic superpowers rages on. On one side are the Freeman, moral absolutists locked in a 1930’s world
view. On the other is the Accordance, techno-modified super-soldiers no longer recognizable as human.

The rest of the galaxy trapped between them.

The Freeman arrive on the backwater planet of Cartha, where they decimate the resources to ensure their enemy will never secure a foothold. Then prevent reprisal from the local populace by slaughtering every last man and boy.

Fifteen years later, the surviving women limp on, holding what’s left of their home together through sheer force of will.

Until the day when a group of experimental DogFighters crash land and the women commandeer these ships to take a stand against both the
sneering Freeman and terrifying Accordance. Forming their own pirate fleet and safe harbor for everyone ready to stand apart.

They take the once derogatory nickname given to them by the Freeman, as their new moniker.

They become the Dogs.


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