AinoloniA – Return to Parascythe
In a world destroyed in an ancient catastrophe, there is a city that rises above all else.
The duo makes their way back to it, to free themselves from the limitations forced upon them.

About AinoloniA and future goals:
The story was slowly conceived over more than 15 years at the time of writing this. The idea is to release a series of individual stories offering perspectives of multiple characters, with every single story being self-sustaining but all of them tying together on a larger scale.
This design choice was made so that people can enjoy as much of the content as they wish at a time, while still enjoying the fulfillment of a complete product. Each story will be made as standalone as possible with every other tie-in bringing only context but never necessary for enjoyment.
The story itself while conceived as ambitiously large has many optional parts. The main goal is to provide an experience with a satisfactory conclusion and I will not sacrifice that goal to expand the story. The expansion (in the shape of specific events and characters) rests solely on the shoulders of the supporters. That said, if however possible, I’d love for the story of Ainolonia to be at its fullest.

With that said, I would really appreciate it if you consider supporting me on Patreon and Ko-fi. 100% of your support goes into making more content and enables me to release it at a faster pace.

I am first and foremost grateful to you for giving AinoloniA a chance and for taking your time to read my wall of text!
I sincerely hope you found some entertainment and enjoyment in it.

Jan Kristian Borealis


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