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Alone: Frozen Episode 3 Recap and Review

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Episode 3 of Alone: Frozen takes place over days 44-40. Five contestants remain at the start of the episode.

This is a review and recap of Episode 3.

Spoilers below! 


As I predicted, Greg tapped out next, on day 6. His main issue this season is anxiety, stemming from what appears to be PTSD from his time in Patagonia. I hope he can recover from that and still enjoy wilderness experiences.


Callie’s segment begins by showing us a cute seal on a rock.

Callie’s strategy is to maintain a continuous supply of mussels and seaweed (which, together, contain fat, protein, and vitamins/greens), which will be a reliable food source. She does see a grouse when going to get water one day and goes on the hunt. Unfortunately, she misses her shot, and her arrow somehow makes it into the Atlantic ocean. I would have been like, “well, too bad,” but Callie is a braver soul than I am and wades into the frigid waters to get it. She then has to spend time warming up her feet at the fire, as she is very susceptible to frostbite, given she had it before on her last time on Alone.

In a move that seems like a lot of work, Amós procures firewood by chopping driftwood. He spends lots of time and calories (500 per hour) hacking away at the log he finds. As he does so, Amós talks about how he wants to spend his time connecting with the land this season and that he’s thankful for the Inuit people who have allowed Alone to film in Labrador. And then he nearly chops his leg.

After that close call, Amós goes line fishing, explaining how the activity helped him get through substance abuse. He is unsuccessful at catching any dinner, so he describes how he plans to hunt a bear to sustain himself until day 50. I think he could do it.

Poor Woniya has a bout of bad luck and accidentally pepper sprayed her bed and some of her clothes (including her rain jacket). Yet, she doesn’t wallow in her frustration but rubs dirt in the spray to absorb it (which also works well for poison oak!).

Given how far the tide goes out, though only for a short period, Woniya also plans on using mussels as a primary food source. Except, she is going to create a live well situation for them, so she can use them when she needs to. Unfortunately, while Woniya is hunting for the mussels, the bag she uses to store them is taken out to sea.

Like Callie, she also wades into the water in her underwear to get her equipment.

They say bad luck comes in threes, so this isn’t the end of Woniya’s troubles. The rock wall she uses in her shelter begins to leak and gets her sleeping bag wet. She also has holes in her tarp.

Yet, Woniya is invigorated by a beautiful rainbow and the sunset, and gatherers a great deal of wood from the beach to, presumably, reinforce her shelter and carry on! 

Michelle’s stomach troubles from the last episode seem to have cleared up, as we find her happily building up her shelter. Her plan for the season is to hunt as a supplement to clams and mussels. She wanted to hunt in the last season but wasn’t successful, so now she’s determined to prove her skill. She seems to have stolen all Woniya’s luck, as she sees a grouse at one point, manages to find it again after going to get her bow, and … success!

Given this was the first animal she has hunted, she explains how the level of gratitude she felt towards the creature was immense and created a connection between her and the animals around her.

She then spends a lot of time insulating her shelter with moss. Of all the shelters, I think hers is the best to withstand the winter months. 

Given the resilience of both Woniya’s spirit and Michelle’s shelter, I think all four contestants could stay the whole 50 days at this point, but things are bound to change when it starts to snow!

The next episode airs on Sept 1 on History Channel and StackTV.

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